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A Worldwide Project

One day with no lying –
is this possible?

October 19, 2006

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June 27, 2006

This is splendid beauty to me! Tasty and tender also; we had some thinnings for lunch.

You can’t buy salad like this, unless per chance your next-door neighbour would sell you some.

KS cont.

Then I went  down and did the dishes, scoured the sink, took out the compost.

An hour later, it was dirty again.

Wanjay, if you ask any questions about bedrooms, bathrooms or toilets, I ain’t answering!


Kitchen Sink

My friend Wanjay asked “tell me whats in your sink? How do you see it? What does it look like…and what does it symbolize to you??????”


A picture speaks a thousand words.  I was going to spiff this up first, but then I thought it would be more interesting with the dirty stuff.  Good excuse to put off washing these things.

Just buying this sink is a whole story in itself. We went to stores an hour’s drive in all directions. Nobody had any double sinks with double drain boards.  One lady even insinuated that we were marginal for wanting such a thing, saying “nobody” wants that kind of sink, too big.  Well, we cook and we’re not keen on doing dishes every minute and this is not one of those city apartments where they try to fit a kitchen in a closet space. Our kitchen is our main room. I wanted space to stack up dirty, space to stack up clean, space to wash and space to rinse. Finally we learned that one could be ordered from our nearest building supply store.  But it will take three weeks, he warned.  How could someone not want to wait three weeks for something they might have for the rest of their life and use several times a day?

Now what’s in this sink will tell you a lot about us. Today you can see measuring cups and cookie sheets.  I made some chocolate chip cookies to take to art class because it was the last class for this season.  Another person had brought some cider and another person some cakes and cookies.  No planning beforehand, just spontaneous sharing.  So at the end of our class and when the people from the next class had arrived, we had an enjoyable moment.

You can also see a milk can because we get fresh whole milk from a farm.

You can see grain being sprouted for our chickens.  Our chickens eat better than some people.

You can see a teapot my sons gave me for a Mother’s Day gift.  The lid has been re-glued because I knocked it off into the never-neverland to the left of the sink.  I think the design on it looks like it’s smiling at me, very cheerful at breakfast.  There is also husband’s coffee pot which he uses to make an infusion of chicory for his breakfast.

Pot lids I don’t put in the dishwasher, as the wooden spoons and knives.

A vegetable brush, a cross between a sponge and a rag for wiping the table and countertops, and a nifty thing for washing dishes that I can’t find in the stores anymore.  It is a soft-scrubber on one side and a scourer on the other.

Some dishwashing liquid and a small container for what goes out to the compost pile.

Something you might not have noticed is the little bent piece of wire that holds the stoppers.  These were a pain for several years until husband came up with this simple solution.

I’m kinda’ proud of the fake green tiles because I put that up myself, buying it and the special glue and the special spatula.  This is just “temporary” to protect the wall until we get our real kitchen.  So far this temporary has lasted about 18 years…

So that’s my sink and I’m standing by it.


As I was reading the prophet’s blog,

one of the comments in French would have had me laughing if it weren’t so sadly true.

The person was berating Frère Michel for repeating himself.

My translation:  Enough already.  You keep saying the same old thing. Yes, it varies a bit (this time a sentimental souvenir of an age only old people like you remember) but still the same thing: penitence, politics and religion are good for nothing, etc.


The whole reason for God speaking to a man, again, is to tell us that we still haven’t caught on, that what we need to do is personal change.  We still do not love one another, we still lie, make war instead of peace, cheat, and so on.  We are meant to be in the Creator’s image.  We have work to do…


Chaos – pronounced kah oh


When I was in college, our professor of horticulture and biology took us on an outing to see a geological formation called a chaos.  Basically a field/valley/cascade of big rocks.  I wanted to find a dictionary definition of this, but it looks like he used the French word!  My bilingual dictionary says “block field”.  The online Merriam-Webster says that is not in the dictionary.  ???  Why would they call them blocks when they are round?  Anyway, this photo and the last one were taken at a chaos in Brittany, France.

“The rock shouts in My Ear. The man (who) shouts in his (own) ear cannot hear the rock; I can hear the rock. ” The Revelation of Arès XXIV/6

Since reading this, I feel a bit different about this place.  It seems to be full of an energy.  I think they have a sort of sub-bass voice.

May, 2006

A snelephant?

Snails and Elephants


A new friend sent me a picture (edit: it has disappeared but must have been of a snail) saying he thought I might like to use it on my blog.  So I got to thinking “what link is there between me and a snail?”

I am sometimes reproached for plodding along.   And I definitely have a voracious appetite.  Snails and slugs are presently destroying my hosta, in spite of a heavy layer of ash meant to protect.  I would rather be in the cool shade than the hot sun.

In college we once had a dorm meeting in order to get to know each other; as an exercise we were asked to say which animal we would like to be.  I chose the elephant.  They are powerful without worrying about beauty.  With their trunk they give themselves the pleasure of a refreshing shower after rolling in the mud.  They are very maternal (of course I would be a female elephant).  They are said to be wise.

What do I have in common with the elephant?  Wrinkles, playing in the dirt as I garden, trumpeting (I sing), and I still try to take care of my children (grown) on some level.  Wisdom is a goal, but I can’t say how close I am to it…

Now, can you see any similarities between elephants and snails?  I sense something of a spiral nature.  Lumbering.  Calmly going about one’s business.


A song I like:

L’Escargot, from 30 Chantefables pour les enfants sages de Robert Desnos

“Est-ce que le temps est beau?” se demandait l’escargot.

“Car, pour moi, s’il faisait beau,

c’est qu’il ferait vilain temps.

J’aime qu’il tombe de l’eau.

Voilà mon tempérament!”

Combien de gens, et sans coquille,

n’aiment pas que le soleil brille.

Il est caché? Il reviendra.

L’escargot? on le mangera.


“Is the weather nice?”, asked the snail.

“Because for me, if it’s nice,

it means horrible weather.

I like when water is falling,

That’s my nature.”

How many people, and without shells,

Don’t like when the sun shines.

Is it hiding?  It’ll be back.

And the snail?  we’ll have him for dinner.


Hope you all look for the bright side of life and work at making it so.


Here is the jacket…

It looks like it needs ironed… 

If you could zoom in, you would see there is a nut at the place of the head.