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Dry Etching

Today I attended a workshop and learned a new technique.

The table was prepared.


This is the press.

Put down a protective piece of paper which can be marked to aid with placement, then the inked plate, then the damp watercolour paper,

then roll it.


We used these tools to gouge lines on a copper plate.


The next step was to spread ink and then lift off the excess.


This is my work for the day.  1 – A preliminary sketch.  A very good idea as otherwise I would not have been able to fit my subject in the space allotted.  The copper plate was 10cm square.  2 – The etched plate.  3 – A test print on medium weight paper.  4 – First print on watercolour paper with black ink.  5 – Print with sepia ink.  6 – Print with black ink mostly wiped off, followed by sepia ink.  7 – Black ink followed by light washes of watercolour.  8 – Sepia with attempted textures.


Inktober 27-31, 2017

This is the end for this year.  I am happy to have done 31 works with ink of varied subjects and using different techniques.

Inktober 22-26, 2017

Inktober 16-21

Inktober 8-14, 2017

Another week’s work (play…)

Painting and more

Yesterday I went to a contest called Plumes et Pinceaux.  In addition to several art categories, there was one for writing.  This hollyhock inspired me.


La Rose Trémière

En passant la riche couleur

          de tes fleurs

          attire mon regard

Rouge soutenue, presque noir

Au bord du trottoir.

Je plonge, je rêve,

          le désire d’avoir

          m’effleure l’esprit.

Peu importe ta branche cassée,


Tu ne demande pas beaucoup de place

          ni terre fertile,

Tu resplendis tout simplement

          Pour la joie du passant.


It was risky for me to write in French unarmed so to speak, no computer, no dictionary, but when I typed it up last night WORD only found two errors. That does not mean there aren’t more.


And my painting:


Three in a Row, Twice

This past weekend, I participated in an outdoor painting contest three days straight.

First day:

Lumière à tous les étages
Couleurs de Bretagne – Guerlesquin


These are called « sitting dogs » and one kind is a « nasturtium ».


Second day:

Pour nos grandparents jardiniers

La Martyre

The two watering cans and the stone marked remembrance garden made me think of my grandmother and my father-in-law.  I put some irises and pansies for them.


Third day:

A man drew another man who was painting…

…painting a woman…

…who was doing the stairs…

Portail est


1st prize amateur watercolour


I am sorry, I do not know the names of the other artists in order to give them credit.


For these contests we sign up in the morning, turn in our work around 3 PM.  The jury chooses a winner in each category and then there is a ceremony with exhibit at 5:30.  While I was hanging around the exhibit at Bodilis, waiting for the results, a man told me that I hadn’t drawn much today, and therefore I had not really done any work.  He preferred what I had done at Guerlesquin.  I replied that here, I had not drawn at all.  I really did not expect to win the prize; there were other very skilfully done watercolours in the same category.  You can see photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/couleursdebretagne/albums/72157683905358961/page2