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Another Little Red Hen Story

I don’t know why but I have had croissant on the brain for a couple of weeks now.

The best pastry shop near our yoga class is closed for vacation.

A bakery in a nearby town that makes excellent croissants was sold out.

The ones we bought at a bakery in a shopping center were not good (my opinion and personal taste).

So the only thing left to do was make some myself.

I used the recipe from “Le Larousse du Pain” by Eric Kayser.

We think they turned out good albeit rather small.  But one can eat two, two can eat five,…







Love, Anarkhia and Penitence

“… “ I turned my anarchy into anarkhia, a constructive insurgence,” you say, brother Angel, and it is absolutely true that the first head to be brought down is one’s self, which is the source of pride, that is to say, of the error which consists in believing oneself to be superior to others and thus killing Love.

Pride is ice, the man unfurled over himself freezes: nothing passes from him to the other.  Love is the Fire, the Wind of the thaw.  There cannot be anarkhia without Love and there is the difficulty, I know.  Anarchists believed they were serving anarchy by killing.  Alas, they were only in anger and anger, like pride, imprisons the being under the glacier of a long cold pressure.  Reading works about anarchy, I did not find any allusion to what seems to me to be essential for developing a happy powerful anarchy, Love.  One must admit that most anarchists are not believers, but still, I found that bizarre.

We must live with the hope that man be cured from his illness of submission.  Why does man weaken himself thinking he absolutely needs rulers, laws, coercive protectors?  It is an illness, one of those deep illnesses become congenital, inherited by the poor choice made by Adam (Revelation of Arès 2/1-5).  We must give humanity the hope of being cured from this evil through which politics and religion live.  Anarkhia, when it will begin to be put into practice in small human unities like it is practiced in our missions, will be a celebration following millenniums of being deprived of liberty and independence.  They say that we only use 10% of our brain, but has anyone conceived the notion that the inactive 90% is the result of constraint of the mind, thought?

This thought, these capacities finally liberated, yes, it is penitence that will give it to us.”

15sep16 177C66 Réponse

Translated by djd


Evening Bands of Colour


I just liked these bands of colour, in the evening, after stormy weather.

Don’t miss the beet…

I find this colour to be so beautiful.

One Red Beet

One Red Beet

About Anarkhia and Penitence

Here are some excerpts from replies to comments on the blog entry 177 by Michel Potay.

“…Politics and its mother religion want to be done with problems of conscience, but we on the contrary force ourselves to awaken this conscience.  I even heard a person I encountered while seeking penitents say that intelligence was going extinct and should be replaced with instinct.  ‘What instinct’, I asked.  ‘The animal instinct of course’, they replied.  ‘No’, I said, ‘we are not animals, but men with a conscience.  No animal has a conscience.  They live in a universe of signals.  We live as Children of God, that is to say intelligent, and we can reawaken this conscience as one stirs up a fire.’”

23aou16 177C11 Réponse


“I believe that nothing is possible on the level of society as long as we have not succeeded in spreading the idea that first man must personally change his life (RA 30/10-11).”

25aou16 177C18 Réponse


“…Our penitence is anarkhia, since it rejects the power of evil in all of its forms.  We shall soon engage in the hardest striving for Good within us, around us, on Earth.  Politics seeks a cohesion of the masses under the law, police, courts of justice, but we work towards renewing the value of individuality and liberty—two of the five gifts God gave Adam, creating his spiritual nature: love, speech, creativity, liberty and individuality—and thus we must literally re-create the world and re-create ourselves…”

25aou16 177C21 Réponse


…Yes, « the world will change in the assembly or will not change ».  In our assembly, the loop will be joined, that is to say that the process of penitence will have caused Evil to disappear and will have installed Good.  We have created and begun our assembly with The Revelation of Arès as a starting point which encourages us to refuse the hypocrisy, conscious or very often unconscious, of the religious Jews, Christians, Muslims or others, who while believing they are combating Evil, often without realising it, exercise a form of Evil which is paralysis, a mummification of faith.  Faith is Life.  To immobilize it by wrapping it in the bandages of dogma is Evil, that is to say, something which inhibits the march towards Life.

In the assembly we localized the first cause of Evil which is fear of one another which must be replaced by love of one another.  Was not barbarism born from the fear of one another?  One destroys the other, be it physically or intellectually, one destroys all that he does out of fear of him and what he does, one wants to remain as one is, without evolving, because one is fine, just like those with a toothache fear the dentist and prefer to stay home, feeling better with their pain than they would feel under the dentist’s drill.  We have installed the dentist’s drill, penitence.  In that way we are really combating Evil, beginning with the Evil within; we are not satisfied with believing, we act, we do.  Thus we strive, as does The Revelation of Arès, “to lead men to discover that love, reason, conscience and action in liberty, tools given to men from God’s very own Hand, will re-create the planet.”  Since most men do not understand because their minds are lacking the door through which action upon themselves might pass, the action of change, we strive for the moment to find those whose minds are not hermetically closed, those where that door exists, even if it is only a small louver window, those we call the ripe ears of grain.

30aou16 177C32 Réponse


“…our political era seeks to eliminate the private individual in order to install what I call a standard man, who has no personality, who lives according to social standards decided by those in power, no longer plays any role, is nothing more than a human machine with interchangeable functions.  Those in power can dominate that man.  Those in power cannot exercise their domination on men like us, men who rediscover their liberty, each one his own, each one the creator of himself, each one the image and likeness of the Creator…”

01sep16 177C37  Réponse


Translated by djd

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