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…people no longer know what justice and happiness is

“…people no longer know what justice and happiness is.  They don’t understand that happiness depends only on themselves.  If they expect a good world, they must begin by being good themselves.  They must understand that happiness depends only on themselves and not on an ideology or laws…  You want happiness?  You are the master of the situation!  Start practicing love, peace making. thinking with intelligence free from prejudice, and you will begin to change the world.  Another world?  It is our job!  It is not the job of politicians, intellectuals.  At the end of the day, we are the only masters of the game…”

translated by djd from

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More on Non-duality

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An excerpt from a reply to a comment which I have translated:

The Revelation of Arès came down from heaven to teach us what is Man : the Child, but not the subject, of the Creator.  Thus one rediscovers a verse such as Genesis 1:26-27, “let us make human beings in our image, in our likeness,…So God created human beings in his own image, in the image of God he created them.” (NIV)  In fact nothing separates Man from his Creator.  Between them is non-duality.  They are One, but for the moment One that is suffering because man is stuck in Evil and suffers, but his Creator, who forms One with him, suffers also.  Hence his Call in Arès.

It is quite simple, nothing to do with the never-ending subjects with no solution that feed the talk-shows.  But mankind has distanced himself so far from this simplicity that he loathes to return to it, being accustomed to and even finding pleasure in the intellectual complications which lead nowhere but satisfy his pride.  We see this by the reactions of those we meet in our mission.

We must proceed to completely rearrange the world’s ideas by simplifying them…to the extreme.  One thing counts: Be Good!  All the rest feeds publishers, radio and television programs, conversation, etc., but is not of any use.

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Light will naturally overcome

We Pilgrims of Arès do not want to be a success, a triumph over another, our brother, even if he be evil, but rather we seek a state of being– Good, the White.  We do not seek to make the White the conqueror of the Black like st-Georges conquered the dragon or Joan of Arc conquered the English, but we seek the natural disappearance of the Black simply due to the appearance of the White which exists and will one day fill everything.  Our faith in Good is creative, it is not triumphant.  Genesis does not say the Creator triumphed over the chaos but that the chaos simply disappeared because there was Light.


This is taken from a reply to a comment 02sep15 167C71 http://freesoulblog.net/jPG/jPGtv.html , the French edition, which I have translated.


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People are leaving out the “good”

Sometimes the boys would say “maman se paie un délire” when I got carried away in some discourse.  There is a saying “il ne faut pas prendre ses désirs pour la réalité” but it can be possible to turn a “délire” into reality.

Once I had several nightmare type dreams about being deprived of a buffet.  We all rolled up our sleeves, went to work and made a splendid dessert buffet to exorcise those dreams.  There were 14 items on the table.

A few days ago for no reason, I felt like making a cake.  I enjoyed creaming the butter and sugar, blending in the melted chocolate, scraping all the bowls and licking the beaters.  I took my time, making the cake and then waiting ‘til the next day to make the cream filling and the frosting.  Then we had cake for quatr’heure, cake for supper, I savoured the thought of the cake that was waiting during the night and even had cake for breakfast.  Am I bordering on immoderation?

These days I often hear people say or see them write “all things in moderation” but that is not the saying.  The saying is “all good things in moderation”.  Is it good to have just a little bit of lying, only a few thefts, not too many murders, a moderate war?  I don’t think so.  With the good things, it can be hard to determine the middle path, the point at which one is no longer moderate but has fallen into an extreme.  The middle path, that narrow way, does have a certain width.

I had some more ideas about patience, perseverance, choosing virtue, but their link with the cake has escaped me, washed away with a cup of tea perhaps.  I am nevertheless glad there is some cake left for lunch.


Golden Cream Cake from The Blue Ribbon Cookbook

Golden Cream Cake from The Blue Ribbon Cookbook



Perseverance Pays Off

cotton socks 2

It’s not easy going.  It’s no fun un-knitting stitches crossed two by two.  I was starting to question whether or not I am too old for this project.  I was even having trouble telling left from right.  I realized it depends on if you are referring to where the stitch is coming from or where it is going.  Yes, I no longer knew whether I was coming or going.  I decided to concentrate on where I am going.  It’s not a pair of socks yet but it’s starting to resemble something.

It’s the same for changing the world.  We must set our project and work towards it, decide where we want to go.  I choose recreating Eden.  Our Creator says four generations will not be enough.  We must not give up.  I hope my great-grandchildren will start seeing noticeable change, but that depends on us plodding on.  We need more transparent non-sheep who no longer go baaaaaaaaaaa. (see previous post on August 4th and comments)  We need more penitents, those who are changing themselves, recreating themselves Good, in a counter-current to culture, tradition, the media, the herd of the mass.  Can we un-knit wars, conflicts, ill feelings, strife, not only in foreign places but in our daily lives?


“The Lord’s justice will dwell in the desert, his righteousness live in the fertile field.  The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.  My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”

Isaiah 32:16-18

“…four generations will not be sufficient.  A single man cannot show the Way, another single man cannot gain Life, but many men succeeding one another in the tomb will show the Way”

The Revelation of Arès 24/2e-3

Inspiration and Energy

front door aug 2013

 Our front door this morning

“There is a woman who is a 95-year-old yoga teacher,” I said to my husband.

“And?” he replied.

“Well, if one person can do it, maybe two people can and if two people can, maybe ten people can.  If ten people can, maybe I can,” I said.

“Of course,” he answered.


I find most inspiring the pose where she is horizontally above the ground supported by her arms.  I am going to try that.

Seeing someone else accomplish something is inspiring for the rest of us.  We have a supreme example in Jesus who became a christ.  He put his steps into the Creator’s Steps.  He loved all human beings.  Christ, born of Jesus who was born of Mary.

“…he covered the infinite distance which separates the earth from Heaven because he set his steps in My Steps, he never strayed from My Steps, he was fired with My Love for man, his brother, and like a pure vapor he ascended to Me; in one year, the time a wing flap lasts, he achieved that which takes centuries and centuries for the world to achieve for its salvation.”

The Revelation of Arès 2/12,  32/2-3

I don’t know how far I will get in that direction but my focus is firmly set.  Fasting during Ramadan where I felt carried through the difficulties and then praying in the place (a chapel in Arès, France) where God spoke directly have given me strength, energy, a firm resolve, profound happiness.

A small number of people working towards this goal will be enough to change the balance of the world in favor of Good.  Will you join us?

 bales aug 2013

Neighboring field today


Something Good

For about two years now, I have been eating more and more raw food, and for about a year, following the guidelines of low fat raw vegan, high in fruit.  This has been quite beneficial for my health.  I have returned to the weight I had at my first pre-natal visit.  Stiffness in hands and knees has disappeared.  I have plenty of energy.  I have not taken any vows to be vegan  and do make exceptions fairly often.  I don’t know if it is from seeing photos of “what one shouldn’t eat”  or what, but I got hungry for a hamburger.  Not just any hamburger, a real hamburger.  So I made us some buns, bought a good quality ground beef, a belle frisée, some tomatoes, sliced some onions and we were set to go.  No unpronounceable ingredients here, no dough conditioners, preservatives, coloring or aromas.






It’s really a shame how we deform and even pervert so many things in the world today.  Of course I did not calculate how much this hamburger cost.  I just wanted it to be good.  It may be two or three years before I eat another one.


We mistreat our spiritual nature also.  Our Creator gave us the gifts of love, speech, individuality, creativity, freedom.  How often do we use them in a way which leads us towards Good?  It takes a bit of effort, but the reward makes it worth the while, the realization of our divine nature as it was intended to be, in His Image and Likeness.  Good radiates, influences all around us, simply being good, freely chosen.  By our acts, we change the world.  Would you like to live in a better one?  It’s up to us, our Creator reminds us in His Message to us given in Arès, The Revelation of Arès.