Bowl of Berries

Life may not always be a bowl of cherries but sometimes if you rummage around in the garden amongst the brambles and nettles, you may find some wild strawberries, a gift from our Creator.

“Along My Paths toward My Heights bees work hard for all men.

Why senselessly manufacture honey and wax in workshops?

At their foot My almond trees spread their fruit; the partridge does not require payment for its meat, neither does the goat for its milk.

I make oil gush for (making) fire, I spread the earth’s surface with lead and copper for all men in return for effort to collect and dress them.

Do I not give the tile from clay in return for the effort to bake it?”

The Revelation of Arès 28/26

I hear people saying “the law allows us …”, the law forbids…” Whatever happened to our conscience? Is the law our god now? Yet we can see that no lawmaker can cover every situation, take into consideration all the possibilities. There will therefore necessarily be injustice if we count on the law to regulate our affairs. By listening to others and loving them, we can do a much better job of creating happiness for all.

Happy May Day 2021

This year the lily of the valley is right on time. 🙂

An Extravaganza

The D’s busted out, they let themselves go. They got on their bicycles and rode up into the village. They bought two take-out dinners which they enjoyed at the picnic table in the parking lot. It was premeditated, they had ordered the night before. A very large truck arrived and did not turn off its motor. Why was he parking right there ? Oh, he was emptying the recycling bins for bottles. How practical to have the glass recycling bin close to the table. All was well, they were in the sunshine, the dish was delicious, albeit not quite the fine dining experience to which they are accustomed in France. Then they got back on their bicycles and, inspired by the Wise Men, went home by another way, doing 12.4km all together. What freedom ! What a country, where one can easily buy what is necessary to get drunk, but not to change one’s underwear. And yet, the Creator spoke here, He has hope that we will make the effort to change the world for Good by changing ourselves.

At the front door

The Pickled Cabbage

It spoke to me last night. It said taste me, I’m ready. So I did, as my husband watched dubiously.

It is delicious! It tastes just like sauerkraut.

For the first two days, it was dry, so I added some water, just to cover. After that, I noticed the bubbles of fermentation.

Today I spooned it into jars and put in in the refrigerator.

Do we now have a dedicated pickled red cabbage towel or will it all come out in the wash ?

Pickled or Lacto-fermented Cabbage

I am inspired to try pickling some cabbage that did not go over too well in a salad as it was a bit bitter. It happens to be red cabbage. I have read about this process for years, looked at special jars from Alsace for making it, but have never actually tried it. This video gave me the push:

I liked their camaraderie, their joie de vivre.

Now my hands are purple. 🙂


When you see a tree you like, paint it or take a photo because life goes on and it may not be there the next time you pass by. I took this photo in September 2020. Following is the same tree in March 2021.

During the winter months our association Couleurs de Bretagne has challenges which are posted online and then composed into a youtube video. This month’s theme was Fluctuat nec mergitur, the motto of the town of Paris. This roughly means billows roll but do not submerge. Many of the other artists have painted billows and boats. I decided to do a self portrait interpretation because I have felt assailed but I will not move, I will not be submerged, I am like a tree planted by the water.

A Tree Planted by the Water – acrylic – 55×46 cm

I found two Bible verses: (

Psalm 1:3 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers.

Jeremiah 17:8 They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.

In song:

Oh I shall not be, I shall not be moved
I shall not be, I shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water
I shall not be moved.

I will not give in to the fear propagated by the system.

I will continue to work towards the garden that never fades. (RA xvi/17)

I stand firm for Good— love, peacemaking, forgiveness, spiritual intelligence free from all prejudice.

My First Makizushi

These are the first maki I have ever made myself. I have often enjoyed them at restaurants, not recently, of course. I felt inordinately satisfied as I placed them on the table.

They are a bit too big, one could not put them in one’s mouth whole. They were also slightly fragile, we had to spoon the accompanying sauce over them. However, they were very good.

In the middle of one roll I put beetroot (cooked) and avocado. In the other I put parboiled carrots and avocado. For the sauce, I grated some ginger root into tamari soy sauce and then thinned it slightly with water.

I will do this again. 🙂

Mixed Media – Tenderly Rouge

This was a bit complicated for me as I assembled photos to make a video and then I wanted to add sound but my files were incompatible. I was happy to find an online tool that enabled me to put it together, all very amateur on my part, of course. 🙂

A Billion Paths


…“The Revelation of Arès clears a Way—composed of billions of paths—which ditches illusions, the illusory “solutions” of religions. The mentality of The Revelation of Arès is not easy to grasp in a world crushed under the master-idea of religion which one finds even in politics, organized like religion, in science similarly organized, etc., and that makes the harvest arduous, especially at the beginning midst enormous forests of scrub growth. The Revelation of Arès pursues a single goal: to remove mankind from sin, but not to instill a new doctrine, new dogma, new laws, new rituals, new taboos, etc. It is not what one believes nor what one forbids oneself, but the good that one does which counts; simultaneously results Good reinstalled and the soul, related to the great Creative Soul. Faith in God or faith in Life is evident, but not obligatory; the soul is created from love, not from faith in God; evil—the Beast—does not need to be fought, Good by growing will make it disappear. Prayer is free, mankind is totally free, etc. The world is not ready to recognize this Truth at first sight and first sound of a voice. A slow job of education will be necessary. The extreme simplicity of the Way which God shows in Arès is only recognized by those, still rare, we call ripe heads of grain.

The Arès Pilgrim is not a skeptic, but a person who knows he does not need to know much in order to follow the Straight Path; penitence and harvest, which puts the Aresian faith within reach of all. The Arès Pilgrim wisely imposes upon himself an extreme reduction of spiritual knowledge and can thus better consecrate himself to the intense little which is the key to personal and universal salvation. Intensity, not quantity, is Power, Light, Sanctity…”

06jan21 225C96

…“what makes the grandeur, the incomparable nobility of mankind, is to do Good when one has the possibility of doing Evil…”

06jan21 225C103

Translated by djd