Some Recent Artwork


Modern Absurdity

Olives coated in sunflower oil.  As if they didn’t have any oil of their own.  And then I remembered that I bought this at a regular store and it’s not organic which means they probably used defoliant on the sunflowers.  Note to self: get the olives at Biocoop next time.


Working Out at my Favorite Gym

We have been moving toward the no-dig method.  I still seem to be doing a lot of digging.  This patch was under a heavy mulch and all seemed fine, apart from the volunteer potatoes,  until about two weeks ago when suddenly the mulch mostly disappeared and all kinds of other things sprang up.  The squash plants are ready to go in but their new bed is not quite made yet.

Tro Menez Are 2018

Once again we participated in this activity of organised walks in support of the Diwan schools, bilingualism and Breton.  Last year I was so exhausted at the end, I thought I was losing my vitality.  This year, although I am tired, I am not that tired.  I think it must have been the heat last year.  Today we had splendid weather, a bit cool with a breeze and sun.  Maybe three drops of rain fell at one point.  The farmers were making dust clouds with their tractors.  The trail we chose was approximately 15 km, that would be around 10 miles.  We took sandwiches and set a slow pace.  This is the turtle method I told my husband.  There were about 8000 walkers.  My apologies to those I could not avoid photographing.









May 1, 2018

Happy May Day


To the inattentive eye, this shrub is fairly nondescript.

If you take the time to take a closer look, you can see

Elsewhere in town I saw

In my own garden today: