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The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box

This was often the center object on the breakfast buffets, flanked to the right by a large crock of oatmeal, bagels, breads, pastries, butters, jellies and so on, and flanked to the left by waffle batter and the irons for cooking them, syrup, et cetera.

With mild anticipation, but anticipation nevertheless, each day I wondered what I would find when I lifted the cover.

One day I had already put sausage gravy on a piece of bread before I realized it contained the biscuits which were meant for that purpose.

Others days I found:

  • scrambled eggs and bacon
  • sausage and potato hash
  • sausage and wraps (egg, sausage?)
  • scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage

I never did find raw milk or anything organic.  Ha, ha.


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How could anyone iron with that short of a cord?  It’s impossible!  I was ready to call the front desk for an extension cord when I realized it really is impossible and therefore there must be some trick to it.  And there was….. just pull, it’s like a vacuum cleaner cord.  Plenty long.

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One morning’s breakfast


Inktober 24-31, 2016

And so Inktober comes to an end for this year.  With 29 drawings, I attain a participation rate of 93.5%. Little by little, I think my crosshatching is improving.               I hope you have enjoyed seeing these drawings.  Maybe you will give it a go next year. *

Inktober 18-22, 2016


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