Pretty, Light and Refreshing

celery chive

A Greek yogurt with salt, pepper, parsley and chives (including the flowers)  was a very nice dip for celery and cucumber.


While I was fiddling around with light and shadows and composition, etc., this blooper occurred.


blooper celery



Mandala and Seascapes

Mandala xxiii 10" square

Mandala xxiii
10″ square


Port ostreicole IIA 36x28cm

Port ostreicole IIA


Port ostreicole IIB 36x28cm

Port ostreicole IIB



Purple Sprouting Broccoli

What could be more festive?   A saffron wreath?   .

Bountiful Beauty

Bountiful Beauty

These flowers grow and bloom on their own, brightening the edge of our house’s walls.  My effort is minimal; I mostly leave them be, perhaps removing other plants that would hinder them, but for the greater part they are just a blessing from our Creator.


“And why are you worried about clothing? Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin, yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.”  Matthew 6:28-29


“We have created night and day as two signs, then we efface the sign of the night, and make the sign of the day resplendent that you may seek the bounty of your Lord…”  Qur’an 17:12a-b


“Have I ever set a price for My Salvation? Have I not given it to all men in return for efforts of penitence which is joy to pious men, which is not heavier than the usurer’s worries, which is lighter than the wealthy one’s and the mighty one’s yoke?  Along My Paths toward My Heights bees work hard for all men.  Why senselessly manufacture honey and wax in workshops?  At their foot My Almond trees spread their fruit; the partridge does not require payment for its meat, neither does the goat for its milk.  I make oil gush for (making) fire, I spread the earth ‘s surface with lead and copper for all men in return for efforts to collect and dress them.  Do I not give the tile from clay in return for efforts to bake it?”  The Revelation of Arès 28/25-26

Snowdrops and Fights

snowdrops 2015

I pushed away some debris and found these snowdrops in full bloom.

We can push away the rottenness from around our hearts to reveal the divine being within.

I found myself wondering if I could get into a fight at Walmart.  I saw a couple of women on a yahoo video getting violent with each other and felt that was a pretty low thing but upon reflection, I fear it could possibly happen to me.  As my husband pointed out, even though we are both penitent, striving to recreate ourselves Good, we still raise our voices with each other and it wouldn’t be that far for blows to be exchanged.  It feels like it is lurking in emotions and reactions.  So there is still some scraping away to do.


“…Mary, pregnant with the son, the woman sinner who also defied Me, but who made herself undergo great pain scraping the stains off her flesh, extracting the doubts from her heart, in order to be born again in purity, that woman who had been weaker than anyone else. Apart from her, who joined the spirits that stand in front of My Throne, (who ranks) among the golden luminaries,…

The Revelation of Arès 12/12-13


“Look out for the tempter!  I give you the strength to conquer him, but he is going to step up his wiles and efforts.  Eve yielded to him, but Mary triumphed over him.  Make your fellow traveler of her!  Do not let go of her coat tail ever!  When the snake sees her, it hurries away hissing.”

The Revelation of Arès 37/6


“The angel spoke to her with awe because he can only obey Me, (but) her, I listen to; on her lip I can hear man’s moans because she swallowed her defiance just as the servant holds back her vomit when her King is talking to her, between her nerves she crushed her pride and suppressed her laugh; she found the strength that lifts mountains, she attained the excellence of salvation.”

The Revelation of Arès 33/14



A Cheesy Story

cheese out of the box

It took two people with higher education a certain lapse of time to fit these cheeses in the cheese drawer so that it could be slid back into place in the refrigerator.  It felt like one of those extra-credit exercises given on a Friday afternoon just before vacation.  I guess this would have been geometry class.  We won’t mention how much time went by before we actually realized this is a cheese drawer.

As I ate my meal mainly composed of fruit, I began to pair the fruit and cheese. (I did have to pare the pear a bit where there were bruises.)  I have seen many a guide to wine and cheese pairing, but never one for fresh fruit.  My opinion is that Comté goes well with apple and pear goes nicely with Roquefort, but what to have with a banana?  Yogurt is a good idea, maybe mascarpone would be ideal, but chèvre had to do for tonight.  Maybe hardcore frugivores don’t eat cheese.  But who could live in France and not eat cheese?

cheese in the box



Ice Balls

ice balls

All is covered in ice balls.

Should they begin to melt

Anew the sky does pelt.


“On man’s head My Word is the ice crown.”  The Revelation of Arès vii/15


Our Creator speaks but we remain impervious.



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