Beauty at my Doorstep

I almost wrote beauty at my doorstop.  ???



Excerpt from a comment 06jan18 192C56


…If one can be certain of brother Michel’s faith and hope, what about his power?  With this question one can understand the relative lack of success of The Revelation of Arès.  We find ourselves back with the same problem as the Sermon on the Mount.  Are we going to adopt a theory from someone who takes punches without responding although he has the strength of a carpenter?…


Excerpt from the reply:

…And now for power!  Jesus could not, I cannot, as God can, extend a hand towards space, set the limits of infinity and say, “Let a thousand suns be!” and a thousand suns are!  Only God can do that and God… we don’t know what He is.  But I, human, the image and likeness of the Father (Genesis 1/26), a very small scale model of the Father, I can extend my will, make it envelope my whole being, force within myself a determination of my existence and say to myself, “From now on, you will be penitent, an apostle of the Father, an artisan of Good in this world; you will change your life (RA 30/11) and in doing so, you will participate in changing the world (RA 28/7),” that I can do, it’s my own power, my atom of power like I am an atom of God, of All That Is.  That is what we are talking about when we evoke the spiritual power of mankind.  We are not speaking about a material force, but rather an intangible force, the force of one’s willSO THAT WE DO YOUR WILL (RA 12/4).

We think we evolve in a world of things and forces that are precise, scientific, psychological, measurable, but that is not true.  Mankind is in a nature of associations that are vague, derivative, immaterial, one of the aspects that differentiates it from animals and vegetation.

Every morning I say to my spouse, “I love you,” but I am incapable of explaining the inner rush that I feel when I tell her that, incapable of saying why if she were to die there in front of me, I think I would die with her, incapable of telling her why our lives are joined to such a degree.  She feels the same, perhaps even stronger.  This love force is a power.  Between us and those around us there are significant forces which we are incapable of knowing in a rational way.  But these forces exist.  That is where one will find our power.

Translated by djd

RA=The Revelation of Arès

More than a Thinking Animal

This is a translation of an excerpt of a reply to a comment on  Réponse 27dec17 192C11

You can read the original blog entry in English here:

Modern man in western civilization is not very receptive or even not at all receptive to the idea that a human being is more than an intelligent animal.  He thinks it is better to occupy oneself talking about politics, work, leisure, good meals, well-being, than to meditate on the fact that he is undeniably a being different from the other beings of the planet: elephants, dolphins, mosquitoes, trees, algae.  Few of our contemporaries spend much time thinking about their life, their destiny, their death, their joys, their suffering, possessed by a furious desire to live and enjoy everything for a few decades.

Even those who say they are believers, who are receptive to what we say in the street*, think that if there is “something” elsewhere or after death, it can only be good and there’s no need to worry about it, since we don’t see or know anything about it.  “Error”, we say, “you are mistaken; the creative Life Force speaks to us without ceasing.  The proof: The Revelation of Arès.  A story, you say?  But do you realize that you believe ‘cross your heart’ a quantity of things that don’t even have a human witness, which are spread without the slightest indication of their existence, except a horoscope, a tip for the races or other hot air?  We have a thousand times more reasons to believe the witness of The Revelation of Arès than to believe the speeches of politicians or pythonesses, to only mention them!”  Simone Veil said, upon return from the death camps where she lost her family, “No one wanted to listen to us!  It was as if the exterminating camps had never existed.”  It’s the same today, no one or almost no one wants to listen to us.  But that will change!

translated by djd

*We say that penitence, individuals changing so as to be and do Good, will change the world and will eventually bring about the restoration of creation as it was meant to be.

Two projects finished

Here is the Icelandic-inspired sweater vest.  When it was about 3/4 done, I had my husband try it on, such as he could with needles and stitch holders and it really was a bit too tight, so I took it back to the state shown in a previous post.  I was afraid to have him try it on this time, but whew, a sigh of relief, it fits.

This year the association Couleurs de Bretagne is setting a theme for each out-of-season month as a means of maintaining communication and being active.  This month’s theme was snow.  I had to get a bit creative as we haven’t had any yet and none of my old pictures inspired me.  I decided to go out of the box and put myself (some aspects) into snow globes.

Snow Globes


Fun with Greens

This is not an art post. Ha, ha.


Kayla Itsines asked, “What is the most fun way you get your greens?”

I usually just wash and spin, then dress with vinaigrette, not very original “fun” presentation or preparation.

The fun is in getting them.  I go out in the garden and see what I can see, find what I can find.

This is what I brought in today:

Frisée, chard, beet leaf, 2 kinds of roquette, chick weed, kale, mâche (corn salad) and lettuce.

Ready to serve, a great chaser to a plate of leftovers.


“Along My Paths toward My Heights bees work hard for all men.  Why senselessly manufacture honey and wax in workshops?  At their foot My almond trees spread their fruit; the partridge does not require payment for its meat, neither does the goat for its milk.  I make oil gush for (making) fire, I spread the earth’s surface with lead and copper for all men in return for effort to collect and dress them.  Do I not give the tile from clay in return for the effort to bake it?”  RA 28/26


Iceland VII

Down in the depths of the back of my mind since the 1980’s, there has been this article about Iceland in a knitting magazine, admiration for Mme Kristin Gestsdottir (on the right) who could knit a sweater in 2 days.  OK, it is thick yarn but still!

I would have liked to go to this store, Álafoss, but things did not work out that way.  What could a knitter bring back as a souvenir from Iceland but yarn?  We found our way to a store in Reykjavik, The Handknitting Association.

They were quite helpful, offering free patterns, but there were none for a man’s V-necked vest. They do high round yokes traditionally. I decided I would make up my own pattern, Icelandic inspired for lack of being genuine.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few more rows to knit.


Iceland VI

Some random and sundry shots.

Vegetation in bloom in November!  Below–gaultheria with berries.



Church seating


The way they make beds.  Upon entering the room, I thought, oh, no, that duvet is quite narrow, some body parts are liable to be sticking out in the cold.  But no, the duvets unfold to be plenty wide and the piece across the bottom holds them in place, since they don’t have a tail to tuck in like ours do.


The view from our hotel window the last night, Reykjavik.