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Beauty and Eyesight

fuchsia and shadows

This is what I glimpsed just now as I was putting my car away in the garage.  I just happened to notice it in the rearview mirror.

Whenever I cross or walk along a body of water, I look to see if I can see any fish.  I never do usually, but last Saturday, I saw something move and looked longer in a way more like zooming in and saw two fish, then four, then five.  I wonder, can fasting raise one’s visual acuity?

Latest watercolour

This is what I painted yesterday while participating in Couleurs de Bretagne.

Picture Perfect – Framing

After many days of walking in the hot sun, when we arrived in Santiago de Compostela and it was raining, we almost wondered if we had not been framed.

For more entries on the theme of framing, go to Picture Perfect.

Take a Break

While I was out painting….

… the beans grew.

One good thing about green beans, I am not tempted to nibble on them while preparing them.

Listening to some nice music on the radio while I worked, jazz piano, I became aware that a female voice kept repeating “breakdown”.  I thought such a negative phrase was not very encouraging so I began to reply with other words—  breakdown, build it up, breakdown, we don’t do that, breakdown, we got gumption, breakdown, work it out, breakdown, fix it up, breakdown, all is functioning………….  The only positive breakdown I can think of is break down into bite-size pieces (“baby bites” my daughter-in-law would encourage our grandson, but maybe he doesn’t need to be told that anymore, I don’t know, I haven’t seen him in a year and a half), break into a manageable size, step by step.  That is the only way to tackle a big job, such as changing oneself, changing the world.

Break’s over, back to work.  

Playing with Dough

I have been seeing recipes for a pastry called chebbakia.  The form intrigues me but I’m not in the mood for something so sweet, fried, since I am mentally preparing to fast.  I wonder if they come out like a kind of doughnut.  But like I said, nothing that rich for me right now, still that form….  So I tried it out with my regular bread dough.

I should have put an egg glaze or something to give them a bit of colour.  The hardest part was taking a photo with my left hand—the button is on the wrong side of the camera.

Soon the fasting for Ramadan will begin.  As I watch what goes in my mouth, may I also watch what comes out of it.

If you want to see how chebbakia are made:

Association of ideas

In the garden this morning



Turn your back on the garden for a few days and …

… look what happens.    Time to set up a micro-frozen foods factory.  Zucchini bread is on the menu.  Some seed-saving will be going on.