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Picture Perfect: Roadside

This is the part of my garden I call the roadside bed.  It is a bit out yonder and I often intend to go there and weed but get sidetracked on the way.

Irises are a flower that I particularly appreciate as for me they are linked to love (not romantic love), in addition to their beauty.  My grandmother grew them and I used to help her trim the leaves into a fan shape.  My father-in-law has given me several.  The ones you see here are “collector”s” irises given to me by a friend who divided his.  They were in pots like the ones used for funeral flowers.  His wife died not very long ago so I guess he has plenty of those pots.  My husband says the neighbor gets more out of these flowers than we do, although I can see them from afar from the house.  I don’t mind that; I like thinking that maybe I am bringing enjoyment to the neighbors and anyone else that may happen by.

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Fresh from the garden

Such a pleasure, the first greens of the season from the garden.

Picture Perfect Photos

Photos used for the Picture Perfect themes.

Picture Perfect: Broken

The chair is broken but that doesn’t keep me from working.  I am using my prayer bench to knit, crosstitch, read, ponder an order of art supplies and – pray.  With prayer we prevent the connection to our Creator from being broken.

“You shall teach to pray, that is, proclaim My Word” The Revelation of Arès 35/4a
“Uttering My Word in order to achieve It, this is true piety.” The Revelation of Arès 35/6

Picture Perfect: Summertime Fun

This is my idea of fun, well, one of my ideas, painting outdoors for a day.  It is a contest, but I don’t do it to compete other than against myself.  A friend of mine enjoys doing this also — we spend the day together and exchange sandwiches, giving each other advice to make our paintings better.  My friend took this picture of me last summer.  The contest is called Couleurs de Bretagne.

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Picture Perfect: Summertime Fun

Garden, May 14, 2008

During a pause in the rain, I went out and shot a couple photos. I didn’t know it was just a pause. I pulled a few weeds also, about 1 square meter’s worth of surface. When I came in, I had taken 27 snaps! I deleted one, so here are 26. Family members beware, you may be looking at your next birthday card.