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Last Evening

After much dry weather, a storm brewed, boiled over and pelted us with hail and rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning. The sound on the roof and vélux was extraordinary.

I did not open the door to take these photos.

When the storm eventually abated, we stepped outside.

This is a courgette/zucchini plant. Do they like ice baths?

This was empty prior to the storm which lasted a good hour and a half.

Our weather station indicated that we had had 176.3mm of precipitation. (almost 7 inches)

This morning, many things seem to have weathered the storm, others look quite bedraggled. There are still piles of ice.

The courgette/zucchini plant this morning. Only time will tell. I don’t like those dark spots.


Usually beans will sprout within a weeks’ time but these were not coming up. I finally decided to water them and here they are.

Meanwhile, we have a prowler. I saw her eating fallen cherries and wild strawberries. Last evening I almost ran her over with my bicycle, she was in the middle of the driveway.