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The weather outside is frightful…

…fortunately this amaryllis is delightful.

Something alive, something growing is bon pour le moral (raises one’s spirits).

Current directions:

  • physically—more raw food, going outside in spite of the weather, upping activity level (http://21daychallenge.yogajournal.com)
  • mentally—studying Arabic, learning more about nutrition
  • spiritually—pronouncing the Creator’s Word with the intention to accomplish It, changing self to build a nature of love, forgiveness, peace, creativity, joy, seeking to do good so as to build soul, hoping others will join this movement towards happiness.


P.S.  This post is a carrot in front of the donkey that I am.

Picture Perfect: Hobby

While waiting for sunlight to make a better photo, I gave some thought to what is a hobby.  In my mind, it is an activity that one does for pleasure without worrying about profit, although some manage to earn money with their hobbies, enabling them to continue to pursue the activity without wrecking the budget.

I do a lot of different things and enjoy doing them.  As I don’t have a paid job outside the home, is my entire life a hobby ?


I chose to share with you my interest in cultivating plants.  Some call it a disease – propagationitis.  I have a hard resisting sowing, dividing, rooting cuttings.  Here you can see some tomato plants growing from seeds I sowed, some of which I save, some of which were a free gift with a seed order.  I bought the Sungold variety but plan to see what happens next year if I save the seeds.  Last year all our tomatoes died with blight.  Fortunately I had seed from other years for the long meaty variety I have been cultivating for some time from seeds saved from a tomato a lady gave me.  You can also see a bit I pinched off a plant growing in a public area.  It has two little rootlings, visible if you click on the image to get the larger version.

When I am working with plants, I feel a synergy with the Creator.  A kind of love passes through me towards them.

Now I am off to work in the garden, preparing some things to take to a plant exchange on Sunday, a gathering of plant hobbyists.

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Wabi Sabi and Muffins

As I was reading “Wabi Sabi Simple” by Richard Powell, I got the urge to make what we Americans call English muffins. I am enjoying this book. It is a whole book to explain wabi sabi, so I certainly won’t be able to explain it here, but it has to do with the essence of life, authenticity.

I used the “Joy of Cooking” recipe, but with half of the flour being whole wheat. This is an electric griddle for making crêpes.

Here you see one fresh (meaning warm ) off the griddle with raw butter, homemade raspberry jam, accompanied by the extra-large- curd cottage cheese my husband makes for me. Mmm, mmm, good!

Bread to nourish the body, don’t forget bread to nourish the soul – The Creator’s Word.

Taste Train

Hop on my random train of thought. See if you can follow the tracks (they might be moose tracks). The image above is of a few tasty things I had for lunch.

We went out to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. It’s fun to look at all the flavors. I always get a chocolate one and then another one that’s different. I carefully tell the clerk the chocolate one first so that it will be on the bottom and that will be what I finish with, the “saving the best to last thing”. I keep an eye on them anyway – sometimes they do things backwards. There were “only” 24 flavors. I don’t know if creativity has waned or if they do less in the winter. I remember when a Baskin-Robbins first opened where we lived. I was younger than 12, something like 8 or 9. My parents pondered wonderingly, “31 flavors? Do you think that is possible?” This was so way beyond van-choc-straw or neopolitan if you want the intelligentsia term.

I settled for Rocky Road and Egg Nog, in a waffle cone. In this town, Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts are in the same store. Could be a double whammy, but I was quite content with my ice cream, so I feasted on the donuts only with my eyes.

My mother said her cereal tastes like cardboard. My father (who is in a home) said the ground meat has no taste.

I bought a translation-paraphrase of the New Testament called “The Message” and started reading it – it has me giggling at times. This verse didn’t make me laugh but opened an image:

“Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of the earth. If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness? You’ve lost your usefulness and will end up in the garbage.” Matthew 5:13

I was then reminded of:

“I have not two tastes. (It is) the fish nerve (that God puts) in my mouth; the griddle cake is left (to the hanged) men.” The Revelation of Ares XXX/16 The note remarks the difference between the bland flavor of allegedly holy bread and fresh fish.

There is something wrong if life has no taste. It should be vibrant, joyous, shake us up a bit, wake us from slumber.