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Fear and Freedom

A thought provoking article, especially the part about spontaneity, joy, creativity and fear. Artists may be dangerous people, ha, ha, as we take risks every time we put a mark on paper or canvas, we have to overcome our fear of messing up, we conquer that in order to have the joy of creativity. We become trained in independent thinking and expression.

I was noticing recently that spontaneity seems to be a thing of the past, one can rarely just decide to go somewhere, do something, such as eat in a restaurant—the spaces have been reserved in advance.

I do hope we will continue to be human beings, that we will develop even further, awaken, these aspects of our being, those which make us human, and not merely thinking animals. Love, Speech, Creativity, Individuality, Freedom.

I have a copy of the article, in case it disappears.

Recent art work in acrylic, plein air, 40x30cm.



Mandala liii – 10″ square


“…humanity’s angelity, its be-all end-all, its quintessence, its treasure; it is, beyond all possible organization or solitude, the ensemble, of which the members may know each other or more often, not know each other, of all those who love their neighbour, that is to say everyone, and who love without thinking– Don’t think about it! Love! –because if you think about it, you will find “valid” reasons not to love certain persons–, of all those who forgive offenses—Don’t think about it! Forgive! Everything, otherwise you leave open a passageway towards never-ending revenge!–, of all those who make peace—Don’t think about it! Make peace! With everyone!–,of all those who have intelligence of the heart—Here don’t think too much, otherwise you will always find reasons to give preference to intellectual intelligence… Here we are in the heart of measure!–, and of all those who free themselves from all prejudice, who break the chains of habitual thinking and judging, the chains of preconception, partiality, preconceived notions, taking sides. The Assembly is this loving humanity, without a name, no address, no telephone, no publicity, that never dies for it is made of souls and all those souls together make up the polone.” 18déc20 225C34 Réponse

“Spiritual intelligence will probably be something longer to acquire than love, because love is still more or less present in novels, songs, films, the theater, charity, etc., even if not in the absolute evangelical state that the Father expects us to give to the world, whereas the intelligence of the heart free from all prejudice almost no longer exists in the world where morals, rules, laws, “rights”, have falsified it everywhere, except for a few individuals (the gander RA xxxvi/3) who certainly left a good souvenir, but not the least practical trace… at least not to my knowledge.

Where is the intelligence in executing a murderer by hanging or beheading or by injecting a deadly fluid? What in that way makes Evil retreat? Nothing. It is nothing more than an intelligence of revenge (RA 27/9). Spiritual intelligence begins with the wisdom which says that any evil person can change, can be recuperated and that, in any case, one must bring to every human brother a part of oneself and in particular, to love them, because not he alone is sin-sick, but the whole of humanity.” 19déc20 225C40  Réponse


Translated by djd

RA=The Revelation of Arès

Black Holes

Excerpt from the reply to comment 05sep19 211C12


The original blog entry in English can be read here:


Translated by djd

We live in a world that is inhumane, inhumane in the sense of opposite to human when it could be applied to the human linked to the spiritual forces from which he sprang – suddenly or slowly, it doesn’t matter – from animality metabolised into humanity by the five gifts given by the Creator, we don’t know when : Speech, Individuality, Creativity, Love and Liberty.  We believe we still have Speech, Individuality, Creativity, Love and Liberty, but we only have the residue.  We have become, reverted to, thinking animals, but animals.  Humans have disappeared except for a few that we call saints, rare, or geniuses, rare, or “original” when they are unknown.

We thinking animals have remains of the languages or language spoken by our far-off ancestors.  As the thinking animals that we call today men have compensated their terrible decline by inordinate pride (RA 14/2), we are quite proud of our languages, our writers, orators, grammarians, encyclopaedists, who are great manipulators of language, whereas we should be in tears over the little we have left if we were conscious of the little we still know how to do.

A few days ago I was watching a documentary on the Arte channel about black holes, and I was flabbergasted by the expert’s manner of being so sure of herself, unruffled assurance, who explained, like a notary reading a deed of property, the mechanism of a star’s death which will become a black hole whose phantom hidden in shadow equipped with irresistible attraction will catch and devour anything that passes as a spider’s web would catch a gnat.  I did not really know any more when “The End” appeared than I did before the title appeared, as for one thing I didn’t see of what use it would be for a man to know that and for another thing, I had the impression that the whole thing was a spread of hypotheses, premises, theories, etc., to which no one can oppose anything since what we are capable of knowing in this field by our human senses is null, and I fear that the technical means available to astronomers allow them only to come to deductions as captivating but also uncertain for the adult mind as a fairy tale is for a child’s mind.

However this image of a black hole enables me to use an image which I think is accurate: The Word, as I received it during the supernatural events in 1974 and 1977, is a kind of black hole.  A kind of black hole that caught my attention, was heard by my ears, noted on paper with a pencil held by my fingers, like the invisible power somewhere in the firmament attracts that which approaches its attracting force.  I believe that what remains: The Revelation of Arès, is an imprecise but fantastic signal that we should follow as a guide, a Saviour, even if it is only a small lifesaver in the celestial ocean, that we must consider with intelligence (RA32/5) through our weak means of understanding.  Minuscule but sure knowledge is better than enormous knowledge that is false or of no use.  Salvation be it postmortem presently or earthly after the Day (RA 31/8) stems from penitence and not knowledge, full knowledge being impossible.  With an even step, tirelessly, with no other words than those of our calls to the world, we are on our way, knowing few things, but knowing only sure things, we follow the Source’s shore, on the goat path of Life.


A Few Thoughts About Current Events

Today’s principle seems to be “kill the killers”  but if we follow through on that, won’t we have to kill ourselves?  Aren’t we killing a part of ourselves every time another human being is killed?  We are all part of humanity, made up of creatures to which were given specific divine gifts, a spiritual nature.  We are at a time of crisis in the history of humanity for we risk losing this nature since it needs Good to thrive.

The Middle East today seems to be some horrific type of men’s playpen where they get out all their war toys and see what they can do.  Everyday it seems another country has joined the “game”.

“A search for belonging, purpose, adventure and friendship appear to remain the main reasons for people to join the Islamic State, just as they remain the least-addressed issues in the international fight against terrorism,” the report states. (report prepared by the Soufan Group.)


Surely we could find ways of meeting these needs of our fellow human beings other than going off to war.

A minor detail perhaps, but I have not heard anyone mention the effects on the environment of all these bombs, all that ammunition, even just in the streets of Paris.  Do they clean that up?  Do they count on the rain to wash it away?  But there is no “away”.

Why do they “explode” the terrorists?  How can we find out why they did such a thing if they can no longer talk?  How can they come to their senses and express regrets, perhaps dissuading others from doing such things if they are no longer among the living?

I would so much rather see random acts of kindness than random acts of violence.  We must stop this never ending cycle of revenge.