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Changing Destiny

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Following is part of a reply to a comment which I have translated from French.

05nov15 169C9  Réponse :

“I am well aware that the idea of destiny that I introduce here, like the idea of penitence that God introduced, is contrary to the ideas that have been running through minds since Ancient fatum (fatality), the idea that destiny is what happens necessarily and seems to be imposed without the possibility of any of our actions changing anything whatsoever.  For me, it is willed life, the rest is only existence in my eyes.

I do not ignore that most modern theories about destiny consider that it results from the necessary interplay of principles and tribulations, physical and psychological, immutable.

To that I reply that if sin is a fatality, an unchanging principle of human life, of what use would it be to God to push mankind to stop sinning?  One will reply, “But God does not exist.”  I retort, “Who spoke to me in 1974 and 1977 if not God?  Even if it is not the God imagined and described in its own way by religion, it is still a Force, a Power outside of us.”  The non-existence of God cannot be proved, for too many facts bear witness that we are not alone on earth like ants in their anthill and that Someone is there, invisible but expressing himself, participating in our life, concerned, and asking us to be good.

I believe and I have all reason to believe that man can change his life and he can make of this change his chosen destiny.”