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Up from the Bottom

It’s a long way back up from the bottom.  Re-reading an article by Michel Potay, entitled “Barbarism” *, I noted: spirituality –€“ announced by Isaiah, given birth to by Jesus.

I would add that we also have Mohammed as a reminder and Michel with a call to action.

We still have a lot of work to do to transform the blood thirsty savages we continue to be  into what we are meant to be –€“ images of God.  The creature in God’s image and likeness was pure, without sin.  We are like an organ eaten by cancer, but we are capable of restoring our spiritual health.

We today are responsible for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The only sure effective way to act is on oneself –this will spread like the ripples on a pond.

*Et ce que tu auras écrit –And what you shall have written –, ISBN 2-901821-04-09

Down with DST

Down with Daylight Savings Time!!!

This is one of the stupider ideas we have had so far.  There are only a certain number of hours in the day –more in summer, less in winter.  Moving the clock hands does not change this.  If you want to make better use of what daylight there is, get up when it’s light.  Every time I read an article on the subject, the “experts” are advising against this and point out the detrimental effects of it, to people, animals and the environment.  The decision has now been moved up to the European level, talk about passing the buck .  So thanks to the folks in Brussels, this week my family is another hour farther away.

This photo is something I’d rather look at in my garden than the one I posted yesterday!


One thing I saw in the garden yesterday

Kinda’ scary, ain’t it.  I am so ignorant about snakes, I don’t even know if this one is poisonous.

March 25, 2006

Now I wanna’ hear

everyone cheer

the resident engineer

my husband dear

hot water’s here!


Hip, hip, hip – HOORAY!


I have a vague childhood memory of going to visit a widow and hearing beforehand in shushed voices “her whole place is done in red.”  I don’t know what I expected, something from Mars or a Midway, but it was actually quite elegant, even staid, perhaps ornate, as I remember the wallpaper was red with gold flocking. I must have been hearing things in the undertones of the adult voices  which had no basis in reality, judgment type things.

There is no conclusion to this, other than I am sick of looking at our unfinished bedroom and I put on my absurd red sequin slippers I bought last summer at Fred’s Dollar Store, for a rainy day, and this is one.

glitter graphics

OK, that is supposed to be a snazzy red and black mysterious rose; I followed the instructions but it doesn’t seem to be working…  Anybody know why?

I did it, I think – it has to be linked.

March 24, 2006

A minor discomfort, but makes  one realize…

The furnace has been off since Wednesday, so the house is getting chilly, but the main bother is no hot water.  Fortunately, all the machines (washer and dishwasher) heat their own water, but I will need a shower – cough, cough –  and even just washing your hands with cold water doesn’t make it!

March 22, 2006

The pomegranate has been hung.  At 7:30 in the morning!

Is DH somethin’ or is he somethin’!!!

Plus which he cooked yesterday’s chicken (Poulet Smash) so I can’t give you a blow by blow, but it was good, with carrots, potatoes, celeriac, shallots, garlic, black olives…

Morning Musings

I believe there’s a Creator of the universe who has His ‘druthers, but leaves us the choice.

Life is meant to be joyous; remember the garden of Eden?

The best way to get something done is to do it.

The brain is like biceps – not the be-all, end-all, but nice to have and needs to be used.

The important thing is what’s in your heart.  Each one chooses what to keep in one’s heart.  Your heart is your inner garden – sometimes it needs weeding, watering.


“The true (is) a garden in the head.

The eye (of the) inside can see the flowers”

The Revelation of Arès II/9-10

Stubborn or Perseverant?

Ya gotta’ be stubborn if you want to get anything done, or is it perseverant, patient ?

 Just to photograph a crocus, you would not believe, first I saw something magnificent but I was busy and then the next day when I got the camera out, it wasn’t sunny enough for the flowers to be fully open so I waited ’til around noon then I noticed I was wiggling, hearing DH voice saying “but you have a tripod” I went and got it and then the wind came up, so I went and got a small table to use as a windscreen and finally you can see approximately what I saw.

Another example: I wanted to frame 3 small watercolours together since they are of the same pomegranate.  I remembered to put them in a folder to take to town with me, went into a store that specializes in frames where the lady said she would cut  a mat for 10€, this is plus the frame coming to about 40€ just to stick 3 pieces of paper bearing diluted pigment on the wall, but none of the colours of mats nor frames seemed right, so that got put away.  A few days later, in a cheapy junk store, I found 3 small frames that I thought might work, now this idea is not original with me, I saw it in another store, but those ones were too small, the frames were assembled by attaching heavy string to the backs.  No mat needed, you can’t see the 2 millimeters difference in size between the paper and the frame opening.  So I wanted to get this together, now where is that big stapler?  Can’t find it, look in all buildings and closets and pile –ups, the little stapler doesn’t open out, it only takes inserted paper.  I finally find the bigger stapler, and eventually some staples, but it doesn’t work and the staples are too big anyway.  So, I ejected the small staples one by one and tapped them in with a hammer.  Never mind how hard it was to get everything lined up straight and evenly spaced…  They look good now, just need a chain coming down from the ceiling to hang them on.

 This afternoon, I worked on my 385€ jeans, otherwise known as my gardening clothes, but I saw an almost identical pair for sale in Cannes for that price, so now I feel really chic.  They had a few holes that let the wind right through, so I decided to mend them (again).  Up to the attic to get some scraps for patching, then the thread broke, and twice the bobbin ran out, once I started sewing the leg closed, and my feet were freezing because we don’t have the heat on in the future living room (go put some socks on).  Did you realize that being an adult means you have to be your own mother?

March 17, 2006

Very interesting yoga class yesterday.  I did a tripod.  I have not even attempted such a thing since I was 13 years old and never got any further towards a handstand.  I never could do a proper cartwheel; mine always had several broken spokes.  My yoga teacher said this was preparatory for doing a handstand, but that will be for next year.  “Is that a promise?” I asked.  Then we were moving our awareness around within, while outside there was a demonstration taking place.  Yelling, horns, drums, etc.  One fleeting realization of what crowds can turn into, but then an impression that these students were having a really good time being outside screaming on a fine spring day.  A definite feeling of detachment from the tohu-bohu as I remained within even though I acknowledged what was without.

AND I did the tripod again this morning at home.