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Liberty Exhibit vi

Tout homme qui, de nos jours, brûle du courage et la volonté de se libérer de la culture pour se recréer et recréer le monde se miracule lui‑même et prépare un grand miracle dans le monde.

Any man that nowadays is consumed with the courage and will to free himself from culture so as to recreate himself and recreate the world works a miracle for himself and prepares a great miracle in the world.

This is a pastel that I did representing morning mists, an attempt to represent the image that flashed in my head with this phrase.

Liberty Exhibit v

La liberté fait peur à ceux qui ne connaissent plus que la prison du scepticisme, du cynisme et du malheur.

Freedom scares those who know only the prison of scepticism, cynicism and unhappiness.

Picture Perfect: Illumination

Illumination.  First I thought: “a bright idea” with visions of light bulbs in blurbs.  But how to take a picture of myself having a bright idea?  Besides, I don’t get them that easily.  So I went out in the garden and the sun came out and illuminated this corner of primroses and daffodils.  You can also see a solar lamp which gives a delicate nighttime illumination.

Liberty Exhibit iv

Sans se libérer de tout préjugé, l’homme ne peut retrouver l’Amour et la force créatrice de l’Amour.

Unless we free ourselves of all prejudice, we cannot find Love and its creative force.

Entrelac Update

entrelac 0326

Here is where this has gotten to.  Soon I will add some red.

Liberty Exhibit iii

L’homme, en manque de Liberté Absolue, ne peut sentir le besoin d’entraide directe, de réflexion, de droiture et de vérité, bref, trouver l’amour du prochain !


Man, lacking in absolute freedom, cannot feel the need for direct mutual aid, reflection, uprightness, truth, in short,  find love for his neighbor !

Eggs ready to eat

The bed of greens is corn salad (mâche) and roquette from the garden.  They are sort of like weeds, more or less growing by themselves, or a synergy between some small efforts on my part and the blessings of God.

“watch the birds wheeling and screeching needlessly, and yet eating from My Hand”

The Revelation of Arès 13/1

What I saw when I got up

Through front door

Hyacinths and primroses

Roadside view

A white Easter!

Preparing a special meal

Little groups of rosemary, fresh from the garden, and garlic, to be inserted into a leg of lamb.

These eggs were already brown, but I like the additional golden red given by boiling them with onion skins.  I did some squiggles on them with a wax crayon before boiling them, but maybe I should have been bolder.

Liberty Exhibit ii

On the left:

Acceptons les risques de la liberté absolue, tellement moins grands à la longue que les risques de « l’ordre public » qui, au cours de l’histoire, a toujours conduit à la vengeance sans fin (27/9) : règlements de compte, révolutions qui aboutissent toutes à un nouvel « ordre public », à partir duquel les problèmes recommencent.

Accept the risks of freedom, much less in the long run than the  risks to ‘public order’, which throughout history has always resulted in endless revenge (27/9) : settlings of old scores, revolutions which each lead to a new ‘public order’, where the problems begin anew.

On the right:

Seule la liberté absolue permettra à l’homme de se sortir du mal, en remplaçant les pouvoirs, les lois, les punitions, les armes, la morale, par la volonté individuelle d’être bon et sensé, ce que La Révélation d’Arès appelle pénitence.

Only absolute freedom will permit mankind to put an end to evil, by replacing power, laws, weapons, ethics, with the individual will to  be good and sensible, which « The Revelation of Arès » calls penitence.