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Mandala liii – 10″ square


“…humanity’s angelity, its be-all end-all, its quintessence, its treasure; it is, beyond all possible organization or solitude, the ensemble, of which the members may know each other or more often, not know each other, of all those who love their neighbour, that is to say everyone, and who love without thinking– Don’t think about it! Love! –because if you think about it, you will find “valid” reasons not to love certain persons–, of all those who forgive offenses—Don’t think about it! Forgive! Everything, otherwise you leave open a passageway towards never-ending revenge!–, of all those who make peace—Don’t think about it! Make peace! With everyone!–,of all those who have intelligence of the heart—Here don’t think too much, otherwise you will always find reasons to give preference to intellectual intelligence… Here we are in the heart of measure!–, and of all those who free themselves from all prejudice, who break the chains of habitual thinking and judging, the chains of preconception, partiality, preconceived notions, taking sides. The Assembly is this loving humanity, without a name, no address, no telephone, no publicity, that never dies for it is made of souls and all those souls together make up the polone.” 18déc20 225C34 Réponse

“Spiritual intelligence will probably be something longer to acquire than love, because love is still more or less present in novels, songs, films, the theater, charity, etc., even if not in the absolute evangelical state that the Father expects us to give to the world, whereas the intelligence of the heart free from all prejudice almost no longer exists in the world where morals, rules, laws, “rights”, have falsified it everywhere, except for a few individuals (the gander RA xxxvi/3) who certainly left a good souvenir, but not the least practical trace… at least not to my knowledge.

Where is the intelligence in executing a murderer by hanging or beheading or by injecting a deadly fluid? What in that way makes Evil retreat? Nothing. It is nothing more than an intelligence of revenge (RA 27/9). Spiritual intelligence begins with the wisdom which says that any evil person can change, can be recuperated and that, in any case, one must bring to every human brother a part of oneself and in particular, to love them, because not he alone is sin-sick, but the whole of humanity.” 19déc20 225C40  Réponse

Translated by djd

RA=The Revelation of Arès

Granny Went-a Walkin’

In my opinion it was too cold and too windy for bicycling, so I went for a rather long walk. I used my entire 3-hour permission. Yes, we have a slightly longer leash now, a radius of 20 km within a 3 hour time frame. Not enough to be able to go to the coast. […]