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Two projects finished

Here is the Icelandic-inspired sweater vest.  When it was about 3/4 done, I had my husband try it on, such as he could with needles and stitch holders and it really was a bit too tight, so I took it back to the state shown in a previous post.  I was afraid to have him try it on this time, but whew, a sigh of relief, it fits.

This year the association Couleurs de Bretagne is setting a theme for each out-of-season month as a means of maintaining communication and being active.  This month’s theme was snow.  I had to get a bit creative as we haven’t had any yet and none of my old pictures inspired me.  I decided to go out of the box and put myself (some aspects) into snow globes.

Snow Globes



Iceland VII

Down in the depths of the back of my mind since the 1980’s, there has been this article about Iceland in a knitting magazine, admiration for Mme Kristin Gestsdottir (on the right) who could knit a sweater in 2 days.  OK, it is thick yarn but still!

I would have liked to go to this store, Álafoss, but things did not work out that way.  What could a knitter bring back as a souvenir from Iceland but yarn?  We found our way to a store in Reykjavik, The Handknitting Association.

They were quite helpful, offering free patterns, but there were none for a man’s V-necked vest. They do high round yokes traditionally. I decided I would make up my own pattern, Icelandic inspired for lack of being genuine.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few more rows to knit.



bread jan 2015 bis

Different forms, same dough–like humans.


gray vest finished

The recycled yarn vest is finished.  I was surprised at the difference in my circular knitting and row knitting.  Nevertheless I am happy with how it turned out.



And-a two

beg vest 2

The start of another sweater vest.  This one is being knitted from unknitted yarn.  I hope it will settle into its new shape after being washed.  Hmmm, spell check doesn’t like unknitted.  Maybe it should be raveled as in “sleep which knitteth up the raveled sleeve of care” (Shakespeare).  Or unraveled?



Cosseting and Gusseting

Today’s self dialogue from under a comfy duvet :

(medium voice) Okay, you lazy bum, up and at ’em.

(high voice) But I am a poor old woman, a bit under the weather.

(low voice) You are pretty low if you are under the weather.


It’s pouring rain, after 8 o’clock and still basically dark outside.

A medicinal tea is in order. Cough, cough.

tisane herbs

 Thyme, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, pine buds and mint


This is called an apogème.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts because there is a synergy between the plants.  Together they accomplish more than alone.  The same is true for penitents.*  One person is not enough to change the world.  We must be a certain number in order to tip the scales towards Good.


Meanwhile I am up to the gusset (no, not the gullet) with the second sock.

half second sock



*Penitents are those who work to change themselves so as to be and do Good.