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Picture Perfect : Unfinished

Unfinished? One entry on “unfinished”?  I think I could do one every day for a month on this theme.  I even did one last week not knowing that today I would want to participate in this project.   “Quilt Nearing Completion”, a more positive way to put it than unfinished. You can see in the background part of our unfinished living room.

At one time, in a certain culture, young girls were sent to finishing school.  Did that mean they were finished after that?  No, this was more a sense of polishing to a fine finish.

My garden, myself, are forever unfinished.  Can anything alive be considered finished? Even things we thought were finished, we can decide to change.

This is the photo for the theme.

This is what I see while lying in bed – unfinished drywall, begging to be pointed and painted.  But soon, very soon, we have never been closer, this will be finished.  Hopefully, to a fine finish.  We are expecting a shelving unit, then I will be able to unpack boxes which will give us space to clear out our room and work on it.


Even the universe is unfinished.  Scientists have noticed it seems to be in expansion. 

God says:

My Eye does not see My Foot ; (from) My Hand to My Hand I run ;
the wind wears away a thousand mountains,
I am not back yet ;
bear Mikal (away).
(The day) the sun (is scattered like) feathers of pavo
(still) run (and meantime) I make a thousand (new) suns.
My Hand goes past, (It) extinguishes the suns, (it makes them into) mud;
(My Hand makes) the lights (of heavens) sink (like fish-)scales.

The Revelation of Arès XXII/10-13

Saw this on Larry's blog

I did this over. I had to go into “other” and ask for what I wanted. They kept offering TV show, but I don’t have a TV.

August 27, 2007

Latest watercolour – not sure if it is finished.
This is for a group project at Watercolor Workshop; the theme is tools.

Quilt Nearing Completion

quilting_finished I have finished the quilting part of this – now to do the hemming of the edge and then to hang it on the wall. Today, it didn’t rain, so I was out in the garden, digging out crabgrass. Where I worked looks good now, but I know it will probably come back. Crabgrass is like the Beast, lurking under the horizon. The Beast represents evil. Even when we will have changed this world back into a garden of Eden, we will have the memory of what the human race has gone through and always the possibility of choice.

Up in the Air

This is a painting I did yesterday, en pleine air, as they say. Actually most of the time I was sitting in my friend’s car because there was so much wind. The title is “Ile Callot sous le vent”, a little bit of a joke as there is an island in Tahiti with “sous le vent” as part of its name, but it certainly didn’t feel like Polynesia in northern Brittany yeterday. It didn’t rain, but things can fall out of the sky anyway if birds are flying. Luckily nothing hit my painting, just my new windbreaker. Is that a blessing or a way of pretending something yucky is good?

We were participating in Couleurs de Bretagne, a painting contest which is free and goes on for several months all over Brittany.

Couleurs de Bretagne

I am not that happy with my painting. It looked like it was stronger when I was doing it, but now on the wall, it looks washed out. I am still doing very representational work. I would like to get more expressive. On the other hand, it is recognizable.

How long until a new world?

One thing that struck me strongly when I read “The Revelation of Arès” is the fact that God is waiting – waiting for us to change this world, patiently waiting, ever hoping that we will decide to choose the way He had in mind when He created us. My arms dropped. How can He have that much confidence in us? Look at the state of the world. And at the same time, most us think we are good. We think we are doing what we can. We are holding on, kind of hoping that God will soon say “game over” so that there will be less suffering and we will be in heaven sooner rather than later. Well, no, we have a lot of work to do. It is up to us to recreate heaven on earth, to cultivate the garden of Eden.

I had a little inkling of what it might be like this past week. We shared a house with one person we scarcely knew and two others we didn’t know at all, but all of us are what “The Revelation of Arès” calls “penitents”. This means people that have decided to change themselves, seeking Good within and encouraging others to do likewise. It does not mean we’re there yet. We have faults, we are influenced by our culture, our upbringing, and yet we are making the effort.

We communicated, we shared the tasks, we took each other into consideration. I shared with them what I have found to be a valuable tool, the practice of reiki.

By the end of our week together, it was difficult to leave them, such strong bonds of love had been created. As I imagined the world in that state, it felt as though my heart would burst – will it be possible for the feeble creatures we are to sustain such an amount of love?