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Inktober 2016 has begun

Yesterday I finished a small mandala.  A ruler, a compass, a pencil and an eraser were used in addition to the Staedtler pigment liner  .3 inkpen and some watercolour.

Mandala xxxi A5

Mandala xxxi


Today I did a 15 minute sketch of something that caught my eye:

Sluggishly A5




Mandala xxx

mandala xxx

I finished the Ramadan mandala; that went quicker than finishing the work on myself, ha.

Here is a link if you would like to read what I have written about Ramadan previously:


Otherwise, I will repeat myself.  I may do that anyway…..

I was playing with the scroll function on the mouse. It made the mandala seem to turn.




Work in Progress

For the beginning of Ramadan this year, I thought I would put up one of my own works rather than just click on a glitter-graphic like I usually do.

It isn’t finished yet just as the work on myself is not complete. Participating in this fast is one of the tools I use in my endeavor to recover God’s Image and Likeness within.

It’s not always easy to find the middle way, that place of balance. Tightening the reins can help to become more aware. It also strengthens the self-control muscle.

It is a blessing to be healthy enough to make this effort.


mandala xxx wip 1




Mandala xxiv 10" square

Mandala xxiv
10″ square

Mandala and Seascapes

Mandala xxiii 10" square

Mandala xxiii
10″ square


Port ostreicole IIA 36x28cm

Port ostreicole IIA


Port ostreicole IIB 36x28cm

Port ostreicole IIB



Mandala xii

mandala xii

Manadala xii
watercolour 10″ sq.