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A Moment of Peace

sunset arès 2013

A view from Arès where our Creator spoke.



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no,…

…it’s fatayer.

Bird in Arabic is written طَيْر

Airplane is written  طائرة

Fatayer is written  فطائر

I don’t know if there is any semantic connection but they do seem to fly right off the cooling rack.

I followed the instructions given in this video:

Here are the results:


I made 1/3 the quantity of pastry and about 1/6 the quantity of filling and used Swiss chard instead of spinach.

A big thank you to Maha and her mother.  🙂


Barrow of Winter Squash

Barrow of Winter Squash 31x50cm

Barrow of Winter Squash