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Fear and Freedom

A thought provoking article, especially the part about spontaneity, joy, creativity and fear. Artists may be dangerous people, ha, ha, as we take risks every time we put a mark on paper or canvas, we have to overcome our fear of messing up, we conquer that in order to have the joy of creativity. We become trained in independent thinking and expression.

I was noticing recently that spontaneity seems to be a thing of the past, one can rarely just decide to go somewhere, do something, such as eat in a restaurant—the spaces have been reserved in advance.

I do hope we will continue to be human beings, that we will develop even further, awaken, these aspects of our being, those which make us human, and not merely thinking animals. Love, Speech, Creativity, Individuality, Freedom.

I have a copy of the article, in case it disappears.

Recent art work in acrylic, plein air, 40x30cm.


Health and Freedom

“Health is a good like knowledge, wealth, muscular strength, intelligence, etc. We have it or we do not have it in this world of sin, therefore of inevitable inequality. So-called “health” measures made in such a way that they suggest that fighting the coronavirus is the supreme good is pure and simple madness. We are all frail and mortal and the vast majority of men will die of something, but not of covid-19. Besides, there have been epidemics of plague, cholera, typhus, etc., but that has not prevented the world from being strong today with some seven and a half billion inhabitants. Freedom is something else: a value and a capacity that affects everyone without exception: sick and healthy, rich and poor, young and old, etc. and which goes beyond the framework of material, biological, immediate life. It is a value which is among others the freedom to exchange, communicate, teach, love, forgive, and of course the freedom to kill, to imprison, to torment, because a value, like everything that is supreme, necessarily supposes a counter-value as Good supposes Evil, and that is the extraordinary price of freedom. To erect the health pass as the supreme value of life – this is the impression that official propaganda gives in any case – is the most stupid or pathetic government decision that I, for one, have ever seen.

In this sinful world freedom is never completely satisfied, never, I grant you. In any case it has, and not the least, an immense human value, which health does not have, which is only a materialistic good, which is of much less importance since, anyway, we are all mortal afterwards, a few decades of bodily life, which is ridiculous in time. Health as an absolute is an illusion and I say over and over again that presenting the covidian (or covidic?) flu as an absolute is a sham. To rid health of the illusions of duration and even more so of eternity is even a necessary thing. It is suffering that must be relieved, erased, but there is no point in making believe that health is possibly perpetual. Yesterday on television, on BFMTv I believe, or CNews, we were shown a man lying on his stomach in hospital suffering from great pain from covid-19 and complaining as if it were torture similar to none in this world … My wife, Sister Christiane, who is arthritic, sometimes suffers martyrdom at night, and I am not aware that television has ever come to ask her to complain in front of its cameras. Lots of people suffer from this and that, day and night. It is our lot of fragile, painful and mortal beings. Covid19 is just one of countless cases of pain. Why focus on this? It is necessary to reestablish in this world that by changing for good the human being can also in the long run change his physical nature. Spiritual Good goes far beyond the always temporary good that is health. “

Excerpt from Réponse : 07aou21 232C59

With help from google translate – I only needed to make a few corrections.

I am reminded of the customary New Year wishes where people often say “and above all, good health”. My wish and hope is that more and more of us will find the will and the courage to change so that the human race changes for Good.

Liberating, Stimulating

…”The Revelation of Arès speaks to each human, to the individual and to his or her individuality; it urges him or her to set himself or herself free of the mediocrity of general beliefs and opinions, of prejudices, and get back to the free magnitudes.
There is no mass solution to evil. Evil will never be conquered but in each man’s heart.” …


If you read in French, you can also enjoy the comments and the replies to them:


Almost In My Garden

Basking in the mellow moment of breakfast, that special moment one can sometimes feel early in the day or at dusk, the half-door open, hearing the birds, thinking about God and angels, how God follows the sunrise and sunset on all of the planets*, maybe there is a special concentration of His Energy at these times of day where if we would only open our eyes, we would see………….  The sound of hooves on pavement, I look out the window, thinking someone is enjoying an early morning ride, but see nothing, that is how it usually happens, when I hear something, they have already gone on down the road out of view.  A few minutes later, I hear hooves again, oh, they must be coming back up from the river, no, still no one visible on the road, but the sound seems to be hovering at our entryway, so I look out the door—-the big Breton horses are out on their own!  They look as though they want to visit my garden, no, no, I say, hopefully with enough authority to convince, but not so much as to frighten.  They turn away and continue up the road, entering a field of ripening grain.  Oh, boy, they are like out to breakfast at the diner; I hope they won’t get sick, I don’t know much about horses.

We know who they belong to, but not the owners’ last name or phone number.  They are part of the neighbour’s family, so my husband goes over to tell them and soon the owner arrives to lead them back to their field.  When we dominate, we are not free, although we usually think of the dominated one as being the slave.  One must constantly be imposing authority and bearing responsibility.  I hope it is a contract willingly entered; I can’t imagine a world so free as to provide each one with food just for the picking up of it, with no aggression from other beings.  Well, I want to see that, but I fear it is a long way off.  Meanwhile, I plan to try to dominate some plants and hopefully even some varmints.   They are eating the shallots and potatoes.

* “The dawn, I follow; the evening, I follow, over all of the suns.”  The Revelation of Arès XXXVIII/12

I don’t think it’s healthy

  We happened to be where there is a television when the latest airplane incident occurred.  They showed interviews with travelers who were very happy about the reinforced controls, saying they feel much safer that way.  Harumph—they didn’t interview me, I thought.  Suddenly I could see the flagrant manipulation.  Of course they are not going to show interviews of people calling for forgiveness, for love of their fellow man; that would not serve their interests.  I see a young man who has been led to believe, as are many others—how many countries have armed troops in other countries?—that  we can through killing make a better world.  Now that misguided young man is in the hospital with third-degree burns.

Airports are planning to use the “full body scan” machine, Amsterdam and Chicago have been mentioned.  A few years ago, we changed planes in Chicago and there was already a pernicious atmosphere in that airport with regular announcements saying if you see anyone acting strange, report it to the police.  Now, I feel that I probably do a lot of things that could seem strange to someone else.  Who decides and on what basis what is strange?  A health food nut would find it strange that I eat one of those cinnamon buns with double sticky stuff.  An atheist is going to find it strange that one should pray.  Those with cell phones and laptops are going to find it strange that I should be using a phone card on the public phone and writing with pen and paper.  That announcement was contributing to creating an unhealthy attitude towards others, one of fear and judgment, rather than love and understanding, recognizing our differences as wealth, our individuality as a divine gift.

This thing they call full body scan—what kind of rays does it use?  What effects does it have on your body?  Do you think it is healthy for a person to spend their working hours in a room looking at everyone naked?  If I refuse the machine, is it any better to be searched in a room by others who will be fully clothed, perhaps armed?  Yet, if I strip down at the access gate, I will probably be arrested for indecent exposure.

No machine can see your full being.  We are body, mind and soul and no machine can see what is in your heart and mind, the source of our thoughts which lead to our actions.  Our soul actually constitutes our true body.  I gave man the beast’s flesh, entrails and bones as scaffolding for his real body, as light as a pure smoke, that is not born of the mother’s womb, but (that is born) of the (way of) life of the man already born who begets himself into an infinite life which he builds like a ship to head for the open sea.”

The Revelation of Arès 17/2b-3

This inner change, being and doing good, is the only way we can change the world.  Any person at any time can decide to be and do good or otherwise.  There is no way to eliminate all the possible terrorists except by freely making the choice to eliminate the terrorist within oneself.

This is the direction I am taking, but I know I have far to go.  And yet, it seems that if my soul were bright enough, strong enough, it would bust the fuses on that machine.

I read the following this morning:

« En représaille contre l’attentat manqué, les Etats-Unis et le Yémen cherchent de nouvelles cibles au Yémen pour des frappes aériennes, a rapporté la chaîne CNN. »


Translation : In retaliation for the missed attack, the United States and Yemen are seeking new targets in Yemen for air strikes, reported CNN.

And so we see the never-ending cycle of revenge.  Where is the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Furiously knitting away while thinking about all of this, my moebius seems to have taken on a heart shape.

Picture Perfect : Capture and Caption

The Homemaker’s Agenda circa 1950


I captured these pieces of muslin, embroidered by my mother as a gift for her mother, as they fluttered freely in the breeze today.  The motifs correspond to the daily tasks one was expected to accomplish.  I remember learning this in school in 1st grade, Monday – wash day, and so on.  Oops, I washed these on the wrong day, it is Friday today, I was supposed to be cleaning.

We think we are freer today but we humans still have a ways to go before living in absolute freedom, free from prejudice, judging, hate, egotism, greed, etc., floating freely with the current of the Creator’s Water in the direction of good for which we were made. It is up to each one to turn their boat around.

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Picture Perfect: Freedom

This intersection of several roads represents freedom to choose.  I used the camera function that permits assembling several snaps so as to have a wide view because we have a lot of possibilities.  (I cropped out the garbage bins.)

We may find ourselves at crossroads many times, not only for the main directions in our life, but each morning, even several times during the day, whenever we decide which direction we will take in handling a situation.  With freedom there is also responsibility.  If we exercise it with loving compassion, we have a better chance of going in the right direction.

I am seeking freedom from prejudice, fear, argumentativeness, desire for revenge, unnecessary habits.

If you click on my tag word freedom, you will find a series of entries on the subject, particularly an exhibit I did recently with several other people.

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Liberty Exhibit – 4th window

Cessons de considérer la liberté absolue comme le chaos !

Let’s stop thinking of absolute freedom as chaos !


« Les hommes sont meilleurs, plus généreux, plus capables de se gérer dans la liberté qu’on ne croit ».                                 Michel POTAY

Men are better, more generous, more capable of handling themselves in freedom than one may think.


Qui pourrait aimer non librement ?


Who can love other than freely ?

The central piece was an image that came to me with the phrase “stop thinking of absolute freedom as chaos. ” It is pastel and a bit of acrylic on brown paper.  I did some small versions to prepare in art class and when asked what it was, at first I didn’t know exactly, but out of my mouth popped “free spirits”.

additional photo – 3rd window

Last night’s entry was made after a long day with several obstacles to overcome.  I realized later there was not a good general view of the window so I am adding this photo.  Don’t forget, you can click on photos to see them bigger.

Liberty Exhibit – 3rd window

We had some technical difficulties, but did what we set out to do.  Watch the bird…

Here is a close-up:

La Liberté Absolue… une construction permanente, une dynamique… non un état

Absolute Liberty… permanent construction, dynamic…not a state.


Ma Main ne pousse pas les pieds des hommes… ils vont ou ils ne vont pas. 

La Révélation d’Arès XXXVIII/8

My Hand does not drive men’s feet….they go or they do not go.

The Revelation of Arès XXXVIII/8

Here is the smaller window:

Le Créateur nous a montré la Voie, Il n’a pas dit qu’Il la gravirait à notre place…

The Creator has shown us the Way, He didn’t say He would climb it for us.