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Blessed Ramadan

May all those who make the effort of fasting during Ramadan be strengthened and blessed.


A Question of Scale


ahhaa table

 They say we shrink as we age, but this is ridiculous.


One place we visited during our trip to Estonia was a hands-on science museum.  Here one is supposed to see what it feels like to be a child.  I very much enjoyed climbing up there and dangling my legs.  I imagined a big bowl of hot chocolate.  It was comforting.

Though my body may shrink and weaken I work that my soul may strengthen.

We are not born with a soul; it is something we must build by doing and being Good.  It can be lost.  It is a necessary part of our being for our existence after death.


“…because the soul may suffer, I cure it then, but it can also meet its end irrevocably. The soul is the specter’s eye, hand, throat, stomach; through the soul I can warm up the specter with the radiance of My Glory, I can lead it to the limitless splendors, I can hear its praise and its talk, I can feed it forever. Without a soul the specter wanders tormented, blind, famished, through the dark galleries dug by worms and through freezing hell which changes it into hoarfrost; the specter, then, frightens humans. Do not tremble at My Voice; tremble with fear of wrecking your soul!

The Revelation of Arès 4/ 5-8

 Thus man is (made) of flesh, mind and soul; the three of them will be reunited on My Day,

The Revelation of Arès 17/7

 Bone (is like) wood; wood sprouts wood; before the dawn the wood, behind the evening the wood (again). (But) the ha–the ha does not come out (of the) nose; (the ha is) not in the mouth, not in the hand; (from) the thigh the ha does not flow into woman. The ha (is) not in the noise. (Just as) milk curdles, you heat the Core (inside yourself, so) the ha curdles. You heat (the ha), you burn the gold; your brow hits the stone (where) My Pace (goes); (so) the ha curdles, (becomes as hard as) rock, (and yet) nothing (is) lighter (than it). Blood (makes) blood, rain (makes) rain, (but) the ha is not the son of the ha.”

The Revelation of Arès xxxix/4-11


Note: Ha is the sound the Creator used when referring to the soul.



Mandala xx

Mandala xx A5 watercolour, pigment pen and sanguine pen

Mandala xx
watercolour, pigment pen and sanguine pen


This is a souvenir from a recent trip to Estonia, the images I had in my head during the return flight.  The cornflower is their national flower and the swallow is their national bird.  We saw quite a few storks and some interesting stonework.  We also saw some some very nice needlework.  The roads were lined with pine and birch.