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March 29, 2013

March 29, 201324x32cm

March 29, 2013

Entrelac and Cups in Blue

entrelac front

 entrelac back

This project took a long time.  Thanks to my blog, I know when I started it, February 1, 2008.

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Third post, in 2009:

I am not sure I really like it.  I wondered if I should put it up for sale but who would pay for all those hours?  Not to mention a round trip ticket Paris-LA to get the buttons.  Yes, I found them in a button shop in West Beverly Hills where I spent a very nice afternoon looking at all they had.  My decision is to wear it a couple times to see.  A friend said if I don’t want it to send it over to her house; that reassured me.

Here is my latest watercolour:

cups in blue

When I arrived at our art club on Friday afternoon, I did not have a subject in mind but I found one in the crate with the things for tea.  One pigment, Sennelier phthalo blue.


Croas Hent l’Allée

Croas Hent l'Allée38x46cm

Croas Hent l’Allée

This is a scene just over the hill on the way to my friend’s house.

Brave Daffodil

brave daffodil


Yesterday afternoon there was a bit of sunshine so I stepped out for a walk since the garden was too cold and wet to work.  Along the edge of the road, I spied this daffodil growing of its own free will midst snow, grass, brambles.  It spoke to me of the brightness of our divine nature which we can cultivate so that it blossoms in spite of what is around us, in spite of the cold of a world where the human beings risk reverting to nothing more than thinking animals.

 “(On) man(‘s head) My Word is the ice crown.  The noise opens the mouth, (but it) closes the ear.”

The Revelation of Arès vii/15-16

The snow in the ditch is a crown of ice for this brave flower.  How many of us are cold, indifferent to the fact that our Creator manifested in Arès?  If we listen to His call to change, we will flourish, other bulbs will take root, there can be a whole field of bright yellow, of souls seeking to be and do Good.

No, this not daffy–it is totally possible if we get to work.



Not a Tree Climbing Day

The view from our front door this morning.

The view from our front door this morning.

A Sixty Year Old Woman

What preconceived notions spring to mind when reading or hearing that phrase?  I am not there yet but am thinking about it so as to be ready when the time comes.

While up on a roof re-pointing a wall alongside my husband, I wondered if that was 60 year old behaviour and that is when I realized I must have a pile of prejudice, some avowed, some un-avowed and even unconscious, indefinable but nevertheless present.  I have not minded thinking of myself as a “quinca”, short for quinquagénaire which means being in one’s fifties but “sexa”?  Maybe I fear a weakness, a waning.  The next dry day, I must be sure to climb the nut tree.

Part of being a penitent as encouraged by The Revelation of Arès is to free oneself from prejudice.  I do not accept a stereotype for myself so why should I do so for others?

nut tree 2008








After fiddling with the pebbles, I wanted to let go and relax so I wet a sheet of paper and this countryside developed.



Life Force


spring lettuce


The life force is in all of creation.  It thrills me when I see it manifested in germinating seeds.  The lettuce just does what it is programmed to do.  The oak leaf cannot decide to become a maple leaf.   We humans have a choice in how we use our divine gifts (love, speech, freedom, creativity, individuality).


“I am the Strength; the Strength is in the brother (and) in the evil man (alike).  The Strength (is) in Yuhshoo, (in) Muhammad, (but also) in the black one, (in) the prickle; (It is) in the ear of the brother, (but also in) the horn (of the buffalo).”

The Revelation of Arès xxviii/5-6