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3 Things

Saw this on Riete’s site – a fun quiz and different from the normal quizzes!

– Post 3 things you’ve done in your lifetime that you don’t think anybody on your friends list has done.
– See if anybody else responds with “I’ve done that.”
– Have your friends cut & paste this onto their page to see what unique things they’ve done in their life.

I will try to give a physical, a mental, and a spiritual one.

My three things are:

  1. I cleaned my house today.  OK, maybe you cleaned your house, but you didn’t clean my house!  If you think that is splitting hairs, then here is a bonus.  Whenever I get hungry for bagels, I make some, because you can’t buy them here.
  2. I graduated from a liberal arts college in the USA with a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages and then did a year’s graduate work in France in International Business.
  3. I have read (and read regularly) The Revelation of Arès and accept it as a divine revelation.  I will soon be going to Arès to pray in the chapel where God spoke.  Going there does not make me a better person, but it is because I wish to change for the better that I go there.  It gives a spiritual energy,- pep, vim and vigor- for a difficult job — becoming good.

Picture Perfect: Twisted

Visions of cinnamon crullers, saffron wreath bread — we twist things to give them a pleasing form.  We may twist them for practicality — putting one’s hair up in a twist to get it out of the way.  Fine, weak elements may be twisted together and form something strong such as in rope-making.  Sometimes twisted is out of a desirable shape such as a nail hit the wrong way.  I hope my thinking will not become twisted.  Here is part of a curtain I made by twisting and knotting cotton cord normally used by masons to get things straight.  The leaf is one I picked up in the fall; it has retained some of its lovely red colour.  On the leaf is a feather which brings to mind a phrase by Hildegard von Bingen: my voice, a feather on the breath of God.

pp twisted

I cropped the original photo.

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New Gloves

I got a (nother) new pair of gardening gloves.  They always wear out in the same places.  One fun thing about living in Europe is that all the labels, tags, etc.  are written in several languages.  One could learn another language just by reading packages.  I found out that I am doing “piccolo giardinaggio”.  Inside the tag it said if I use them for anything else, the risks are not covered.  Under Instructions for care, I was delighted to read “no care necessary”.  So now I am wondering, what if inadvertently, I slip into heavy gardening?  And would that be called “tuba giardinaggio”?

Clicking on the image will bring up a larger one where you can read the tag. 

Picture Perfect: Industry

Whew !  I was getting worried.  One of my first ideas for the theme “industry” was bees.  I’ve been trying since Wednesday evening to get a photo.  There were plenty of bumblebees but no honeybees in spite of plentiful flowers such as lavender and clover.  Then tonight I finally “got” one seen here on a perennial geranium.  As you may well know, there are problems with the bees in many parts of the world.  When talking about this with some friends not long ago, the idea of being obliged to do the pollinating ourselves was evoked and I jokingly said that would solve the problem of unemployment.  This week in Newsweek, I read that they are doing just that in China.


The bee is mentioned by God in The Revelation of Arès.  It is one of the (many) things the Creator has placed on earth for us to enjoy, working in synergy, but not to abuse.  What is it with us that we take our divine gifts and turn them into their opposites, using speech to lie instead of for truth, confusing love with sex instead of being compassionate with all beings, judging others and thus denying their liberty, demanding conformity instead of encouraging creativity, …


“ Along My Paths toward My Heights bees work hard for all men.

Why senselessly manufacture honey and wax in workshops ?

At their foot My Almond trees spread their fruit; the partridge does not require payment for its meat, neither does the goat for its milk.

I make oil gush for (making) fire, I spread the earth ‘s surface with lead and copper for all men in return for efforts to collect and dress them.

Do I not give the tile from clay in return for efforts to bake it ? »

The Revelation of Arès 28/26

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Working Indoors and Out

Even just this much looks better to me.  You may remember my Picture Perfect entry for the theme “unfinished”.  This room is on its way to being more finished.

In the garden I have planted approximately one hundred leeks I bought at the market.  I never ate a leek before I came to France.  They are very nice for soups, quiche, steamed served cool with vinaigrette, …

It occurred to me that if one says “I’m bored”, it may be a euphemism for “I’m lazy”.

Picture Perfect: Extravagance

Extravagance of colour, extravagance of life, reproducing, giving (have you ever broken open the seed capsule of a poppy and seen the innumerable fine seeds?)  Nature can show us the nature of the Creator.  We can go in the direction of being a little more extravagant with love and generosity.

“The ape–with its two hands it eats.

Man has a hand which eats and a hand which gives.

Both My Hands give.”

The Revelation of Arès XXVIII/18

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Garden, June 11, 2008

A little walk around the garden this morning, camera in hand.

Picture Perfect: Curves

What do you think–am I cutting those curves straight?

On the road of life, the curves may bring us beauty or challenges.  Let us not forget “the path that is straight”.  (Al Qur’an 1:5)

Triste Réalité – a Self Portrait

As I was going through some boxes of old stuff, I found this really nice leather belt that just needs a bit of oil or polish…  Judging by the added holes, I’ve already done the maximum in extending it.  I took this photo and then resized it, giving it a name, then I was obliged to click on OK, but it’s not. 

I emptied two large boxes and filled three small boxes.  Did I come out ahead?  I will give myself a yes, because there is also a bag of garbage and some added to the recycling pile.The idea is to clear out the landing so as to have space to move stuff out of our bedroom and finish it.  Currently there is just bare dry wall and it is not very cheery to look at.  It’s hard to let go of the past, even represented by out-grown clothes.  Some of them have such happy memories.

Rainy Sunday

One down, one to go.

My stuff I showed yesterday none of which sold.

I just came in from the garden where I sowed some more seeds out in the rain.  Who will get them first, the rabbit or the slugs?