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Winter Cheer

Faithful flowers foretelling future fading of frostiness.

Beware of Big Blue Boxes

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms down, palms facing forward.  A hand went down the outside of my legs and up the inside, tracing energy meridians.  For a split second, I thought I was in yoga class, but no, it was a pat down at the airport.

It was strange to hear a security guard call for assistance due to me, I was not violent or sick or anything, I had only gently said I would rather not go through that machine.  Standard procedure.

It occurred to me that if the person doing the search did so with the intention of love, a lot of good could be done.  They could hire reiki practitioners for that. 

Thank you to Dr. Mercola who described the backscatter machines so that I recognized it in time and had the courage to opt out.

Ringing in the New

This morning I woke up at home after being away for two weeks.  Soon I was walking around the garden in my nightclothes under a light rain.  Back to “normal”.  Guffaw.

Spending the holidays with family, there was so much love radiating, I feel my heart and soul have been super-charged.  Already when we give out love, we recharge our spiritual batteries but when we receive also, it goes over the top.

I was jumping for joy.

Our bodies were nourished also.  This is a raw “risotto” preparation.

One evening I took a few moments to paint this sunset.

May you all have a wonderful year 2012, filled with love, peace and plenty of opportunities for creativity and joy.
May we all go forward on the path that leads to a changed world. 
Our Creator is waiting.