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Enzymes and Cardoons

Yesterday I read an article about enzymes:

I don’t remember them from when I was in grade school but later they appeared on TV as little round creatures that cleaned one’s bathtub and then went merrily down the drain.

The article mentions 3,000 identified sorts. That reminds me of the wine-producing chateaux in France. When I realized how many different ones there are (somewhere around 2,500), I gave up trying to remember the names of the ones of which I had enjoyed a bottle.

“Enzymes are the catalysts that cause many essential biochemical reactions to happen—but they are not “used up” IN the reaction.” (from the fore-mentioned article) We can play a similar role in society, being catalysts for good which will strengthen us rather than use us up, help build our souls which are vital for our spiritual existence, that which differentiates us from being simply a thinking animal.

Meanwhile in the garden I have been observing a cardoon. I should have tied up the leaves to blanch them and then eat the ribs sometime back in November-December, but time got away from me so I have been enjoying their flowers. Cardoons are related to artichokes.

I decided to bisect one and saw that we probably could have cooked them like an artichoke and eaten the heart, however, it’s too late for that also since they are in full bloom. I will know better if there is a next time.

Here is a link about cardoons:

Unexpectedly in this article I found they have to do with enzymes. 

The Great Escape


This past week I had the privilege of participating in an informal get-together type of workshop organized by an art teacher. He supplied all the materials and chose a theme which was “s’évader par les toits de la prison du monde”. Translation: escaping by the roofs from worldly prisons. This theme is from the following blog entry:

In this workshop, each one represents this (or any other image from The Revelation of Arès) as he or she sees fit.

Here is what I did:

évasion des prisons

1 2

3 4


1-my first idea, thinking how people undid the roof to lower a person to be healed by Jesus, how we can find the way out through prayer, how we can help each other.

2-thinking of different types of lives, different cultures which we must transcend, the need for links between us and the Creator.

3-the choice is ours, with the Creator’s Word we can re-create Eden or else continue on our current path to destruction.

4-a couple of escapees.

Since then, I have had a few lines from a song running through my mind—“up the ladder to the roof, where we can see heaven much better…………” (I will do an audio comment. I don’t know how to get a sound file in a blog otherwise.)

In Arès at the House of the Saint’s Word, prayer is in the early evening, except for Friday. As I have been fasting during the day during this time of Ramadan, I noticed parallel longings, the longing toward evening for physical food and also a longing for the time of prayer since that was the purpose of my going to Arès. I would like to transpose the physical one into a longing for the things of God. In The Revelation of Arès, we learn that true prayer is to pronounce the Creator’s Word so as to accomplish It. Doing this on the very spot where It was given is quite powerful.

Imagine you were to go to the place of the burning bush that Moses saw and say “I will love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my might and my neighbour as myself. (If you’re an atheist, never mind the God part, He knows why some have been scandalized). ‘Course then you have to do it.

Don’t forget to read the linked blog, it is rich.