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More Couple Thoughts

An article about marriage :…

There are further steps to be taken. It is not a question of escaping or ignoring the other person. We expect them to eventually see things our way, to be the person we want them to be, but we need to accept the person they are and love that person. We must never stop communicating, negotiating, being willing to adapt.

Couple Thoughts

While unpacking things to put away, now that I have some shelves and cupboards to do so, I found this sampler that is finished. All it needs is to be framed and hung, well, maybe washed and ironed. I was struck by how pertinent I find it to be, even years after embroidering it. « Choose thy love, Love thy choice » still sums it up for me as the method for forming and building a couple. Falling in love is one way to start, but that is not how things work day after day, year after year. We must be ever vigilant, ever building, communicating, adjusting, evolving, ever mindful of the main direction we want to take, choosing to love our choice.

February 02, 2008

The day has dawned bright and clear. Looks like icy roads.

Might be a whole lotta’ shadow seein’…

For more on this subject see my entry for last year.

Also there is:

Entrelac and stream

When you are a seamstress or a knitter, you don’t have to have an accident in order to see your life pass before your eyes – just go through your scraps or get out your leftover yarn.Remembering the garments, making them, wearing them or watching them be worn, rejoicing, repenting, releasing.

I found a great tutorial for the entrelac stitch here :

I did this as a sample :


This is the beginning of my project :


I am thinking along the lines of a vest, but I’m not sure how this will evolve.

This is a funny stitch – it seems to take forever to do a row, but when I finally get across, it is more like I have done six rows.There is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, no straight stretches to pick up speed.Not buying any new yarn makes it seem like a free sweater.This is not counting labor costs.