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Rose and Other Names

As my husband and I were driving along (actually my husband was at the wheel), I was thinking about people having flower names. Violet, Rose, Marguerite (Daisy), Holly, no lys but there is Alice and in English we have Lily, Iris, Laurel, and then I busted out laughing because it occurred to me that no one is named ranunculus (personne ne s’appelle renoncule). My husband didn’t really find that as funny as I do; I still get a kick out of it and this happened several days ago. I tested it on a friend who is very involved with plants and he laughed immediately, saying “non, ce serait ridicule” (no, that would be ridiculous).

Well, whatever your name is, may you smell sweet. 🙂

Our Creator says: “When you are asked, ‘Which name should one bear in order to please the Lord ?’, reply, ‘It does not matter whether you are called Lentil or Goat, for if you devote your life to God, if you win renown as a penitent, pious, good man, your name will become as grand as Moses’ or Elijah’s.’ ” The Revelation of Arès 36/19b

ranunculus ficaria


A spread of ranunculus ficaria (lesser celandine) in my garden.




Longing for Delphiniums

delphinium 1

I have been given some lovely delphinium plants.  I have tried to grow delphiniums several times.  They disappear.  This time I have put a cage against the hares and pellets against slugs and co.  I look forward to seeing them bloom.

Where have all the photos gone….

I moved my blog here from multiply.  The images from my older posts have disappeared.  When I notice someone has read one, I put them back.  It was an insurmountable task to do all my entries from the beginning.

It Is Not a Flower

Brume Pyro 28x38cm

Brume Pyro

I think I finally managed to do something abstract that didn’t turn into a flower, although there may be a bit of a leaf in there.