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A Day in May

The lilies of the valley were well advanced this year; their perfume fills the air today as we have some warmth.

One of today’s jobs in the garden was to plant runner beans. I have twelve willow branches reserved for this purpose. They can last several years if put under shelter during the winter.

I cleared a space of about 1 meter round and added some compost, then stuck in the sticks, tying them with string to dissuade the birds and also give some strength to the structure.

Then I got the beans I saved from last year, shelled them and chose twelve to plant.

I lay out a bean for each stake and then push them into the soil so as not to miss any stakes….mistakes, ha, ha….. If any should have a mishap, it is early enough in the year to sow more.

And now, the waiting begins.

Autumn Beauty in the Garden

…on the way to hang out the laundry…

My Anti-virals


Photo taken this morning by myself.


Sunshine, exercise, fresh food, “positivisers” for the immune system… (on the plate—lemon, garlic, ginger)

And a little bit of shoobie-doobie-doo-wah-doo!

A Slice of Life

This one rose seemed to standing out, shining with particular beauty.

Two Snails

Can’t help but wonder — what colour shells will the offspring have?



More sprouted seeds are showing.


If all goes well, this will grow into a persimmon tree and bear fruit.

Already I enjoy the marvel that is its germination.

Inktober 24-31, 2019

This concludes my Inktober 2019 album.