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Entrelac and Cups in Blue

entrelac front

 entrelac back

This project took a long time.  Thanks to my blog, I know when I started it, February 1, 2008.


The next post:


Third post, in 2009:


I am not sure I really like it.  I wondered if I should put it up for sale but who would pay for all those hours?  Not to mention a round trip ticket Paris-LA to get the buttons.  Yes, I found them in a button shop in West Beverly Hills where I spent a very nice afternoon looking at all they had.  My decision is to wear it a couple times to see.  A friend said if I don’t want it to send it over to her house; that reassured me.

Here is my latest watercolour:

cups in blue

When I arrived at our art club on Friday afternoon, I did not have a subject in mind but I found one in the crate with the things for tea.  One pigment, Sennelier phthalo blue.


Picture Perfect: Texture


This is an ongoing project mostly from left-over yarn.  The entrelac stitch gives it texture.  I bought the bumpy purple thread to give more texture.

My mind gets caught up in complicated weavings, ties itself in knots, whereas God’s Word flows smoothly, uninterrupted, distorted only by man.  This does not mean It has no texture—Its texture comes from true substance and also the harmonious accents of His Messengers.  Pronounce It and become one with It to appreciate Its texture.

“The Book opens opposite the brothers.  Inside your ribs Muhammad and Yuhshoo breathe, four arms spread like My Voice is spread, the Wool that I spin without knots.”

(Yuhshoo is how God pronounced Jesus when He spoke at Arès.)

The Revelation of Arès XLII/12-13


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Entrelac Update

entrelac 0326

Here is where this has gotten to.  Soon I will add some red.

Entrelac and stream

When you are a seamstress or a knitter, you don’t have to have an accident in order to see your life pass before your eyes – just go through your scraps or get out your leftover yarn.Remembering the garments, making them, wearing them or watching them be worn, rejoicing, repenting, releasing.

I found a great tutorial for the entrelac stitch here :


I did this as a sample :


This is the beginning of my project :


I am thinking along the lines of a vest, but I’m not sure how this will evolve.

This is a funny stitch – it seems to take forever to do a row, but when I finally get across, it is more like I have done six rows.There is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, no straight stretches to pick up speed.Not buying any new yarn makes it seem like a free sweater.This is not counting labor costs.