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Picture Perfect : Movement

There can be movement going on that we don’t see and then all of a sudden, the results pop up, like with bulbs in the garden.  In the winter, it seems as if all were dead, sleeping, but actually things are going on down under there.  These snow drops are the precursors to the spring show of daffodils, etc., that will arrive with just a bit more time, the moving along of the season.

Within ourselves, there can be a movement, a stirring of conscience.  The biologist can explain what moves the bulb, but what can awaken our conscience?  What will break the dormancy of our divine nature, set us in movement to change the world, starting within and radiating outwards?  Even a direct manifestation of the Creator is not sufficient if we do not choose to put ourselves in movement.

“(On) man(‘s head) My Word is the ice crown.”

The Revelation of Arès vii/15

Unedited photo, other than downsizing,  taken today with our Canon Powershot A510.

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She Laughed

A voice penetrated the haze of my concentration.  “I’m scared.”  Another replies, “Me too, I’m scared.”  I remembered the same fear I had experienced myself that very morning and laughed.  “Why are you laughing?” asked the lady next to me.  I answered, “If this were a sound track with no image, you wouldn’t guess that it was a watercolour class.”  I realized my neighbour was of a different culture and perhaps assumed that laughter means ridicule.  I often laugh when something is too true.  It feels so good to hit the nail on the head.


There are two cases that come to mind from the Word where laughter is a sign of disbelief.  One is when Sarah hears the announcement that she will have a child.


**They said to him, “Where is your wife Sarah?” And he replied, “There, in the tent.” Then one said, “I will return to you next year, and your wife Sarah shall have a son!” Sarah was listening at the entrance of the tent, which was behind him.  Now Abraham and Sarah were old, ad­vanced in years; Sarah had stopped having the periods of women. And Sarah laughed to herself, saying, “Now that I am withered, am I to have enjoyment—with my husband so old?”  Then the LORD said to Abra­ham, “Why did Sarah laugh, saying, ‘Shall I in truth bear a child, old as I am?’  Is anything too wondrous for the LORD?  I will return to you at the time next year, and Sarah shall have a son.”  Sarah lied, saying, “I did not laugh,” for she was frightened.  But He replied, “You did laugh.”**

Genesis 18:9-15


I recognize that feeling also.  Words and laughter slip out and when I realize it would have been better not to express that, I would like to erase it, redo from start, but lying does not erase.  It is like trying to rub out 6B pencil with your finger.


Here we have Mary as an image:

**The angel spoke to her with awe because he can only obey Me,

(but) her, I listen to; on her lip I can hear man’s moans

because she swallowed her defiance just as the servant holds back her vomit when her King is talking to her,

between her nerves she crushed her pride and suppressed her laugh;

she found the strength that lifts mountains,

she attained the excellence of salvation.**

The Revelation of Arès 33/14



With effort we can conquer our pride and our disbelief, the urge to lie, our fear, but I find it hard to control my laughter.  It just busts out.  I can try not to guffaw…………..too loud………. And I enjoy it so much.  I would like to be careful though that it only express joy or commiseration.

The watercolours we finished in class this week:

Picture Perfect : Anachronism

House, 17th century

Hitching ring, undated

Bicycle, 1970’s

Woman, mid 20th century

Camera, early 2000’s

What bandwidth of time determines anachronicity?  Are leftovers from yesterday’s lunch anachronistic?  Hair-length from the 1970’s?  Between an old house and its current residents, which is the anachronistic?

I look forward to being ex chronos, outside of time, as is our Creator, because when that happens, it will mean the dawn of His Day, it will mean that a number of people have decided to be “penitent”, to change so as to be and do good, a number sufficient to turn the tide and create a “new” world, a recreation of the garden of Eden.

“Listen, man Michel! I am outside time,

but you are inside time, (so) you know how many suns have risen ever since (men became aware of) My Word and My Works,

and how many men, virtually none, have had enough faith in Them to live up to Them without leading their steps away from My Steps;

a little child could easily count those men.”

The Revelation of Arès 12/6

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98 bottles?

Between two rain showers, we went for a walk.  I brought the camera along, thinking one never knows when one might see something beautiful.  We were well-rewarded with a magnificent rainbow, one of the widest we have ever seen, with a pale double.  It was so close, we could have run across the field and jumped into it.

I became conscious of two comments I had made on blogs this morning, both mentioning things I think about doing but don’t or at least hadn’t yet done.  One of these was picking up other people’s litter.  Walking along, I spied a beer bottle in the ditch.  We were only a couple hundred meters from a bin for recycling glass, so I fished it out and carried it to the bin.

99 bottles of beer in the ditch, 99 bottles of beer, take one out, carry t’the bin, 98 bottles of beer in the ditch…  A very small thing, but like they say, every little bit helps.

Changing oneself goes along the same lines, seeing things within and taking action, a little bit at a time, so as to become good.

Not that I think I’m so good just for picking up one piece of litter but it is a baby step in the right direction, along the lines of integrity.

In case you are wondering what was the second thing, it is getting rid of stuff, jettisoning cargo, clearing out.  That is more difficult…

Picture Perfect : for John O

“My Might will not neglect the tiniest splinter of bone at the bottom of the depths,

or the ash speck blown away by hurricanes,

and It will resurrect them on My Day.”

The Revelation of Arès 33/29b

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Reuben, Arabic and Love

For my first lunch alone in what seems like weeks, I treated myself to a Reuben facsimile.  It definitely was not kosher because I used a piece of ham, but we can’t get pastrami here—I would have to go to Jersey or Paris for that.  But I did have some lovely lacto-fermented sauerkraut which I like to eat basically still alive, in other words, not too cooked.  So I put some of that on there, with some cheese, mustard, a bit of mayo, and then grilled it; I needed a little bit of butter for that, on the outside of the bread.  About halfway through eating it, I thought this is so good, I should put it on my blog.  But a photo of a half-eaten sandwich?  Isn’t that kind of gross?  I have my doubts as to whether that would be appreciated.  Thinking about it, soon there was only a quarter of it left and now there is none.  But it sure was good. 

Every once in awhile I make an effort in the direction of learning Arabic.  I have been watching some youtube videos.  Here’s one that might come in handy for an artist:

Colours in Arabic

I also watched some about writing.  I saw letters grouped by whether or not they are ever connected to a letter following it.  I saw letters grouped by similarity in their basic shapes.  Now I am wondering do they ever use what we call alphabetical order?  Nevertheless, they all seem to start with alif.  It is good to realize there are several ways of doing things.  That can lead to a freeing from the “laws” of culture.

We listened to the radio this week to get news about the road conditions and school buses.  There is a lot of blah-blah-blah and publicity.  One phrase jumped out to my ears—sometimes love is not enough.  It was an ad for an XYZ-box, the one that hooks up the computer and the internet, etc. 

It’s true, when trouble starts down there under the computer table, the kind of love that just sits there and thinks in pink won’t be of much use.  But thinking a bit further, that is true in general.  All we need is love, but the kind of love that gets us up and moves us to action.

Picture Perfect : In the Style of … the Creator

Yesterday’s sunset, one of an infinite variety of sunsets, sunsets occurring at all times, in all the universe.


The dawn, I follow; the evening, I follow, over all of the suns.” 

The Revelation of Arès XXXVIII/12




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This Evening’s View

As the sun was going down, I noticed a mist rising.  I don’t think I have seen that before in a snowy landscape.  We stayed home today except for a short walk.

Unleashing the Moebius

Starting to bind off

The one-sided form seems to be showing two sides now.

The finished moebius

As a shawl

As a head-covering

As a hood

It was appreciated today as the weather has turned quite cold and there is a dusting of confectioners’ snow.

The Larousse dictionary spelling is Möbius.