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This is my most recent watercolour.

I have been enjoying fresh figs lately, something I never had before I was in my twenties when we had the joy of picking them off a tree at the bottom of my parents-in-law’s garden, if we happened to be there at the right time.  Since then, that tree has been cut down, the garden sold.

« (Et) Mikal (est) la figue (qui se) fend sous le soleil, le suc coule (de lui), le frère de l’oreille (le) boit.  Elle est bénie. »

“(But) Mikal (is) the fig (that) cracks in the sun(shine), the juice flows (from him), the brother with the ear drinks (it).  It is blessed.”

The Revelation of Arès viii/4-5a

This tree will not be cut down.

“(Out of) his jaw the tree (with) the evergreen top grows.”

The Revelation of Arès xvi/13

There is a sourat entitled The Fig.  I don’t know if it refers to Mikal but I think it could.  The note in my Qur’an says that the Olive, Mount and Soil Secure correspond to the Mount of Olives, Mount Sinai and the Valley of Makkah, which is to say, Jesus, Moses and Muhammad.

“I call to witness the Fig and the Olive,

The Mount Sinai,

And this Soil Secure,

That We created man of finest possibilities,

Then brought him down to the lowest of the low,

Except those who believe and do the right,

For whom there is reward undiminished.

Who should then make you deny the Judgment after this?

Is not God the most equitable of all judges?”

Al Qur’an 95

A fig is full of physical nourishment just as a prophet brings spiritual nourishment to this famished world.  We are blessed to have a living prophet (in the person of Michel Potay) to whom God spoke directly, guiding us towards the garden of Eden.

The Move

Today I exported from multiply to blogger and then from blogger to here.  I am surprised the photos transferred.  Perhaps they will disappear in December.


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