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djd Potato head

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray” and sometimes it even happens to women.  I needed to hill up the potatoes, thus taking care of the weeds at the same time; but as the weather has turned hot, I decided to get up early and work in the cool of the morning.  I did not expect to be devoured by 50 jillion little bugs!  What are those swallows doing, besides obliging me to cover my car in the garage? 

However, I persevered and am happy that task has been accomplished.  I continued in the vegetable garden, weeding and straightening edges, thinning out poppy seedlings—that is hard for me to do but the ones I leave will be better able to grow with sufficient space.

When I ended the session, I thought I will never be able to say I have finished weeding my garden, be it the outer or the inner one.  I will stop working on the outer one when I die, but there may always be tasks for the inner one since the mind and soul remain after the body dies.  I can only hope (and do my best to build it) that my soul will be strong enough to do what needs to be done.

You can see some more photos of the garden taken this morning in the album:

Picture Perfect – Under Your Nose

Strictly speaking, this is more over and in my nose than under it, but if we never look up, all our attention taken by the cares of this life (represented by the mess in the garage), we may miss some very important things, amazing beauty among others.  This is the clematis we had to prune severely as shown in a previous PP entry (Disordered).  It has a subtle perfume of vanilla.

One thing that is right under our noses that we easily miss is the presence of the Creator, but do we know how to look?

“for I am so close to them that they may not see Me, but they are molded to Me as the tree that has grown against the wall of the Temple molds to the outline of its stones and curves along the arch of its porch way.  But the Temple is indestructible while the tree cannot survive off the shelter of its walls.”

The Revelation of Arès 1/11-12a

“We verily created man and surely know what misdoubts arise in their hearts; for We are closer to him than his jugular vein.”

The Qur’an 50.16

I cropped my original photo.

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Picture Perfect : What am I?

Locally produced, natural ingredients, two people who enjoy what they do and thus bring pleasure to others.

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Paint Out-May 5th

Painting things in backpack, light lunch also, and I was off for a paint out.  I took the same route as Sunday.  The weather was very nice, albeit somewhat windy.  My new mini-stool is quite handy; I kept checking to see if I was forgetting something, it seemed it was so quick to gather my things and move on.

First stop–an entrance to a field.

Second stop–a stone along the way which is a Roman road.

Third stop –a chapel in ruins.  Bluebells are among the wildflowers blooming now.

This kind of thing is more fun with others along but it was rather short notice.  There were a few flies and the wind kept snapping my paintbox closed.  All in all, a nice outing.

Walk or Work

Torn between wanting to go for a nice walk and get some work done, I made a deal with myself:
 work for an hour, then go for a walk.

Myself was pretty good company; she didn’t mind if I diddle-dawdled, exclaimed over the beauty of trees, left the path to look at rocks, tried out a stretch of a branching off, took photos of flowers, …

A bright idea—I should do a paint-out, walk this way again, but with my art supplies.

I noticed for the first time there are different stages in the dandelion seed heads.  They are spiky before they go fuzzy, like a wet newborn.

All of a sudden, at the last 200 meters, I felt tired.  Maybe I was losing weight?  But soon I was home and, opening the door, called, “Is it tea time yet?”

May Day 2010

This May 1st has dawned foggy and cool.  The lilies of the valley aren’t open yet this year.

Two different kinds of bumblebees working the black currants as cherry blossom petals fall.

One petal must have fallen on me; now it is on the toilet room floor.