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Is it my imagination or has this greened up slightly?

Compare with:

What a jolt!

We received a telephone call inviting us to le goûter du troisième age, an afternoon do for senior citizens.  I said well, no one here has reached that age yet.  The caller replied it’s according to the calendar year and your husband’s name is on the list.  (I know that date is approaching but haven’t been dwelling too much on it.)  When one member of a couple is eligible, the spouse is invited also.  There will be an accordion player.  —Thank you very much.  Usually that day is one of my husband’s busiest but it is kind of you to invite us.  (He works full time and has several years to go before retirement.)

It turned out that my husband’s schedule had a variation and we are going to attend this event.  It makes me feel rebellious somehow.  I started wondering what semi-outrageous thing could I do to prove that I am not in that category of the population, some of which may be 20 or even 30 years older than us.  I never could do cartwheels or headstands.  Still ruminating, I went outside.

Beautiful sunshine!  Spring!  My nut tree!  I’m going to climb up there; it’s been awhile.  I usually give it a bit of a rub to remove some of the moss and lichens growing on its bark.  Today I got out a gentle brush and started to rub vigorously but that wasn’t very efficient, so I got out a harder brush and used a gentler touch.  It felt like grooming an elephant, not that I have ever done that, but sometimes I think I see an elephant’s eye and trunk in this tree.  I imagine it feels good to the tree—it makes me feel itchy to consider how it would be to have all that growing on me but is that necessarily how the tree sees it?  How do I know if I am feeling intuitively or imposing my view of things?

As not very many of you may have the opportunity to enjoy the view from up in this tree, here is a photo.

I have to go now, change clothes and brush myself off—I’m covered in moss.

Woo Hoo!

Tomato seedlings

Picture Perfect – Still Life

The theme this week is “still life” but in the sense there is still life rather than a nature morte (a set-up for a painting).

At this time of year we may wonder if some things in the garden are still alive.  We hope they are, that they will grow and bear fruit, as I hope for this pear tree.

Our Creator hopes we will awaken our spiritual life and cause the desert of this world to bloom.  One gardener, one good person, is not enough to change the world; we need enough so that Good becomes the prevailing influence.

“A single man cannot show the Way, another single man cannot gain Life, but many men
succeeding one another in the tomb will show the Way,
a multitude whose bones piled up would form a mountain will find Life,
because the Father no longer gives Life.
Once for all He gave It, the Oasis.
How could a one man and even a thousand men recover the Spring buried
under the stamping of battles,
under the steps of merchants’ caravans,
under the processions of priests,
under the loins of prostitutes,
under the Wind of the Anger of God ?
Many repenting generations will pitch camp on that desert in order to sift its sand, excavate it as a mine to recover Life.”  

The Revelation of Arès 24/3-5

I got up the courage to press buttons on the camera until I found the sepia function in order to portray the bleakness of life without Life; I’m always afraid I will accidentally delete something important.  I upped the contrast to the maximum and slightly lowered the luminosity with the software on the computer.  

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Painting and Gardening

This is my latest watercolour painting–this year’s amaryllis.  Last year’s is now opening its splendid red blossoms.

A few days of sun have given us the opportunity to get started in the garden.  I sowed some seeds in the greenhouse (lettuce, spinach, kale)  and today, tomato seeds in the house.