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Pumpkin (Squash) Kibbeh

A friend of mine was talking about pumpkin kibbeh.  That sounded good to me so I googled a recipe and decided to try it.  Tonight my husband caught on to why we had plain squash last night.  We have some lovely ones from the garden, the Hokkaido type.  I stuck the whole thing in the […]

The Smell of Marigolds


three marigolds

Our grandchild doesn’t know

My hands often smell of marigolds

I thought as I plucked the faded blossoms,

Savoured the burst of flavour from small orange Sungold tomatoes

Straight from the vine.

I would gladly have shared

Instead of putting all four into my mouth

But the distance is too great,

Our dwellings too far apart,

Two circles of love

Rarely intersecting

On the physical plane.


Caution: Falling Nuts


Today was definitely a nutfall day.  After a bit of rain followed by breezy sun, they seemed to be everywhere.  If I don’t pick them up right away, something else carries them off.  Sometimes I find nut tree seedlings in strange places.  Sometimes we run over a few with a car, a bit oversized for a nutcracker.  If they aren’t too dirty, I eat those ones anyway.  It’s a pleasure to go scuffing around under the tree, trying to spy the oval brown fruits.

My husband says when you are looking for a bakery, you don’t notice the post office.  I watched a video about mushroom hunting.  They said at first one doesn’t see them.  One must adjust and put on their mushroom eyes.  I tell myself “put your nut eyes on”.  Not to be confused with googly eyes.

It can also be the case in our relationships with others that we see what we are looking for.  If we look for peace, virtue, fraternity, it is much easier to find those qualities.


“On every occasion you shall keep your sense and moderation, you shall take time to make decisions, for I alone am outside time, My Strength alone unbends short; you shall derive your strength from your patience and from the advice you will take; you shall get some rest, for tiredness deprives man of his mind; you shall not have corporeal eyes which judge and covet, you shall have the eyes of the prophet who saw My Justice, who trembled in the face of My Light, and who cried over the clots of My Wounds.”

The Revelation of Arès 35/7-9

Two Watercolours

A Ste Marine 28x38cm

A Ste Marine



En attendant 28x38cm

En attendant





Cucurbi’ The Conqueror

cc 1

Over fencing

Over fennel

cc 2