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Post Scriptum: Flags…

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You can find out about the Knit-a-Square project at

Here is the forum discussion on this theme with a link to see the square flags that have been made:

Flag Squares and Tension

This month at the Knit-A-Square forum there is a theme of flags.  I did not do this with any sense of nationalism but rather as a geographical representation, something that might awaken curiosity in the African children who will receive blankets into which these squares have been assembled, something that would say to those children someone in that part of the world cares about you.

I wished to respect the proportions more or less of the flags which is 3 to 2, and not square, so I added two bands top and bottom in the first square.  This gave something that could be an abstract design and not necessarily a flag, so I did another square with a mast.  Then I thought how about a smaller group of humans and did a fairly reasonable facsimile of a Breton flag.

Meanwhile I was rereading an article by Michel Potay (the witness of The Revelation of Arès) called Nous Croyons, Nous Ne Croyons Pas (We Believe, We Do Not Believe) and one phrase particularly jumped out and stayed with me—une tension de l’être (a tension of one’s being).  When knitting with several yarns, one must be careful of the tension, neither too tight nor too loose.  So it is with our efforts to change, our penitence—neither too hard on ourselves nor too easy.  An image of the Arès pilgrim is one who walks an upward path, neck extended, with rest at night so as to continue the next day, vigilant, yet moderate, persevering towards Good within and in the world.  There is an aspect of yearning along with accomplishing, pulling up the slack without breaking.

“…our love, humbleness, honesty, and our labor to create the new world; from that feeling and that tension both accepted and made dynamic, our soul forms….”

(This article is an appendix to the French-English bilingual edition of The Revelation of Arès.)

Today’s Painting

This is watercolour and ink.  It is my participation in a group project at Watercolor Workshop, a yahoo group.  We are painting the same three pears but were instructed not to make them brown (like the reference photo).