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Learning to Cut Linoleum

Recently I attended a three-day workshop on lino-cutting for printmaking.  Yet again a necessity to think backwards as with this technique one carves out the whites.

We began by testing ourselves on some small leftover bits so as to get used to manipulating the tools without injuring ourselves and to see what would happen with our designs when printed.

For our main projects, we first drew on newsprint paper, then traced with tracing paper, then turned that over and using carbon paper, transferred it to the linoleum.

The second day I spent carving.  Yes, the whole day.  This piece of linoleum is A3 size.

The third day, we played with printing.  We had many types of paper at our disposal and also several colours of ink.  I mixed some green.  Some turned out better than others.  Sometimes I more or less missed the paper.

When I got home, I spread them all out to dry on an old duvet cover in the living room.


All of the participants exchanged a print of their work at the end.  These are what the others did: