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Djd Has a New Toy

Fountain pen sketchers were talking about Fude pens.  They looked very interesting.  Then a friend let me try hers out.  What fun!  So I ordered one.

They come from Japan.  It was expected to take 3 weeks but came after only one.  Woo hoo!

A small origami was included in the package.  This is a Sailor Fude (pronounced foo-day).  It was originally meant for calligraphy.  According to the angle at which one writes or draws, the line will vary in thickness.

The nib has a bent point.  This one is at 55°.

Of course, I had to dirty some paper.  A5

The pen comes with two cartridges of black ink, not permanent.  So much fun when touched with a wet brush (carefully).  I also ordered a converter which is on its way separately.  This is basically a refillable cartridge.  We will see how much of a mess I make with that!


Some Recent Artwork

Modern Absurdity

Olives coated in sunflower oil.  As if they didn’t have any oil of their own.  And then I remembered that I bought this at a regular store and it’s not organic which means they probably used defoliant on the sunflowers.  Note to self: get the olives at Biocoop next time.