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Inktober 6-10, 2019


Then I had to test my pattern:




Nothing is in the Bag Yet

tote bag

I made this bag, I’m not sure why, I already have several bags.  The pattern was free from Lion Brands yarn.  It is called Trenton Tote.  I should have done 2 more rounds on the handles but the provender ran out.  My bag weighs 146 grams so maybe you would want to figure 150 at least.  I used some yarn that I had instead of their cotton.

Another Project Finished

black and gray vest


This project has been ongoing for maybe three years.  I had some design and supply difficulties.

My husband who is a trained electronic and mechanical engineer says a wire cut to the right length will be too short.  With that inspiration I bought what I thought was plenty of braid.  Of course I could not have taken into account the changes which would be made later.  I have 6 inches braid left!

This vest was crocheted with yarn I had on hand.  I finally decided to close it with a zipper.  It’s not something one really needs in July, but at least it’s off my table now.

Flashin’ Crochet Hook

crochet motifs

Do I have time to make a vest to be worn on December 7th?




Souvenir of Würselen

Facing the prospect of an 11 hour bus ride, one way (which actually turned out to be 12 ½ hours), to keep myself out of mischief, I packed my Barbie doll, all her clothes and a valisette of Matchbox cars—non!—  I packed a couple of sticks and some brightly coloured thread.  The main body of a rainbow moebius is now in place.  As I work on a border, I mull over the weekend and what shall I write about it.  In any case this non-scarf will be a good souvenir of a weekend devoted to creating bonds between fellow human beings.

Some Light Bulbs Take Longer to Warm Up

Sitting there, going one, two, three, four, five, dip down, one, two, three, four, five, dip down, my eyes happened to light upon the book I bought for learning Arabic and it occurred to me that I could do that in Arabic and then I would at least know how to count to five.

After several rows, I went up to ten on the back where I don’t really need to count.  Getting these polysyllabic words into my brain and out my mouth slows down my crocheting somewhat, but it feels good to be doing two things at once.