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Holiday Greetings

We celebrate Hope

—hope that the human race will recognize and develop its spiritual qualities—

Love, Forgiveness, Truth,
Liberty, Creativity…


December 21, 2006

Giggle, giggle, after 11 months, I finally changed clothes. Those white pedal-pushers needed washed…

Still no silver hair available.

December 20, 2006

Sometimes I hear a person say “I’m no better than anyone else” even though they are on a path which requires soul-searching, questioning of oneself, trying to be the best one can be.

I think yes, you are right, we are no better than, not superior to, others. But sometimes I get a sneaking suspicion that I am doing lip-service to humility. Hopefully going through exercises will prepare the way for becoming. Sometimes something happens, I do something, or think something, where I am forced to squarely face my imperfections. Then I truthfully realize I am no better than anyone else.

But I will keep trying to be better than I was yesterday, than I was maybe even just 10 minutes ago.

Fact or Figment

Yesterday, late afternoon, early evening, I was working on the quilt (since husband was using the computer   Image  ) and put on the radio to get a bit of music.  At that time there is often some jazz.  The man talks too much but I sort of tune him out and just wait for the music.  Then the news came on and to finish off, the woman stated “tomorrow will be gray all over and the average temperature will be 5°.”

Now I remember how to do an average.  You take several elements and add them together and then you divide by the number of elements.  So I am wondering what elements did they use to arrive at their deduction?  The Riviera? The Pyrénées?  The Alps?  The river valleys?  The plains?  The North?  The coast?  The coast where it is touched by the Gulf Stream?  And above all, how can they know what those temperatures will be tomorrow?

I consulted husband who advised me to watch the thermometer and see.  So, when I got up at 7:30, before dawn, it was 10°.  In town at about noon, on the pharmacy’s sign, it said 10.5°.  Now it is sundown and our outdoor thermometer reads 12°. Plus it was a very nice sunny day.

How many more things do they try to put over on us?  They can’t even tell the truth about the weather???

December 09, 2006

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Thursday I had to do a steel magnolia thing.

 A member of our women’s choir was expecting a baby – it was stillborn after almost 8 months gestation.  The rest of us sang at the funeral.  I know the baby is one of the Innocents, but it is a hard thing for the family.

Another concert last night of Christmas music.  We sang outside wearing Santa hats and red felt capes.  Here is my cape, getting its fur edging.

Then we gave a proper concert in the church with carols and Benjamin Britten’s Carols , accompanied by harp.  I find it very difficult to sing with the harp – I seem to hear all the harmonics and have a hard time finding the note I’m supposed to be singing.

Another concert tonight.

On the ball or losing it?

I can’t believe how adult I’ve become – this morning I got out a bucket for the wet umbrella BEFORE I got the umbrella wet!

On the other hand, if you had seen me in boots and bathrobe , silver hair flying in the wind, carrying this large umbrella on my way to the chicken coop, you might think I should be locked up.  (used to scare the chickens, but they seem to be used to it now)

Further proof occurred after the noon meal when I decided to freeze the leftovers and found myself in front of the armoire, Tupperware container in hand…

Oh, well, I’ve often said I want to be eccentric when I grow up.

Special One Hour Offer



All you can eat from off the stairs – they are that clean.


Wednesday when I got home, there was a bird in the toilet!  No, I don’t mean in the commode or whatever you want to call the sanitary fixture, but in the room that houses it.  In case you don’t know, here in France the toilet is usually separate from the bathroom, something which I find to be quite logical and practical.  Anyway, there was this bird sitting on the pile of books and how am I supposed to let him out, I will have to get within one foot of him to open the window.  I would rather he not go elsewhere in the house, so I closed the door behind me and speaking in a very soothing voice (if anyone was talking to me in that kind of voice, I would be watching them like a hawk, but this was a starling) “I don’t want to hurt you, you don’t have to be scared, I’m just going to open this window so you can get out, don’t worry, everything will be all right.”  He didn’t move, I got the window open and left.  Sometime later he was no longer there – I kept looking all around to make sure, but he really was no longer there.  However, upon closer inspection, he had already been most everywhere in the house, trying anything that looked like a window.

Now you may be wondering, this happened on Wednesday and it’s only today that she’s cleaning it up?  For about 25 years, I forced myself to clean house every Friday, but lately with only two adults, it stays cleaner a bit longer, so I have slacked off a bit in that area – once every 10 days has become more the rule.  But with birdshit everywhere, today I let myself fall back into my housewifely ways, got out the buckets and sponges.  I wasn’t planning to clean the stairs, just the schplat that you see above, but I must have had an attack of CHS (clean house syndrome).  This is an incurable virus that escaped from the Stepford laboratories several years ago. (  Image   )  You know how those experts are, they think they have everything under control, but look at GMOs for example – no way can anyone guarantee their product is free from them – they have escaped from the laboratories, from the open test fields.  I will blame something of the sort for the clean stairs as I just kept right on scrubbing all the way down.  The offer is good for one hour only as you well know, nothing ever stays spotless longer than that, and even then, only because I am home alone in front of the computer, instead of going up and down the stairs.