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The Little Red Hen Sprang into Action

How hard can it be to find something white/beige, longish, rather ample, mostly natural fibers, for a medium-built woman?  After 6 stores, I went to a fabric shop where there was a remnant of linen, went home, and got busy, yesterday afternoon.

There are some imperfections due to haste and no pattern, but all in all, I am satisfied.  I need this for a concert this Sunday.   🙂

May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

This year the lilies of the valley have been in full bloom for about 10 days already.  We had approximately a month with no rain.  Fortunately the weather has changed, rain has and is falling, but there may be frost.

I realize this day is associated with pagan practices, but I like to use it as a seasonal marker and appreciate the beauty of all our Creator has made.