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Tas de Fumier/Pile of Manure

This is my latest painting; at least I think it is finished. I haven’t varnished it yet. This was done with acrylics. It is a scene I saw nearby this past winter.

The text reads: “(parce que) le fumier, (c’est de lui que) sort le jardin.”  La Révélation d’Arès XXII/9

From manure comes the garden.

It’s a stinky pile but it decomposes and brings life to the soil which then brings forth fruits (literally or figuratively such as lush green grass or heavy laden cereals).

Our Creator knows the human race is in a rotten state but He also knows we can change and reproduce the garden of Eden. My work is to decompose within what does not go in the direction of Good, nourishing that which does, turning over and working on the pile that is my self.

Chia Seeds: Another Raw Adventure

Ever the gastronomically curious, I wanted to try using chia seeds. It took me awhile to find some but it did happen.

Inspired by a video by Mimi Kirk I made the following preparation:

½ cup almonds—soaked for about 8 hours, then drained

Chopped, blended, etc. adding water to make 2 cups liquid (an almond milk).

Puréed 3 dates and 1 fresh apricot using just enough of the liquid to do so, then mixed all together.

Added ¼ tsp. cinnamon, ¼ tsp. ginger, a pinch of salt, cup chia seeds.

I stirred well several times and then put the preparation in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day:

What do you think? It is definitely no longer a liquid. And now for the taste test:

It was fresh, mild. I could taste the cinnamon somewhat, but not much else. My husband said these seeds must be “extincteurs de goût”. The opposite of mono-sodium glutamate I guess. I see a need for creativity, to find ways of using their properties of gelling a liquid without cooking. It could be a savoury liquid as well as a sweet one.

I am also curious about growing them.  The plant flowers since these are its seeds.  It is “salvia hispanica”.  Salvia is sage.  Stay tuned for more adventures. 

At a Crossroads

Nearing the time of the passage of the Tour de France, I noticed quite a few small place-name signs popped up. One in particular caught my attention. There is nothing special about this place other than a stop sign. It is called (I just found out) Croaz Hent Menez Big. I amused myself by thinking what would that be in English? Big Mountain Crossroads?

At first it seemed to me to be a handy thing for the cyclists. They could check their map, know exactly where they were, avoid accidentally ending up in a farmyard. Then I told myself, these are not pilgrims for Compostelle, they probably don’t even worry about maps, etc. They just plunge blindly forward, they have an escort in front of them and a cavalcade behind them. No way are they going to veer to the right or to the left, they are well supervised.

Is it not the same with society? We are guided by culture, tradition, religion, politics, laws, fashion. Who has the courage to change directions? Humanity has been on a downward path since Adam. The little progress we have made falls so short of what we are capable. If we don’t change, we risk losing our spiritual nature, reverting to nothing more than a thinking animal. Yet it is possible for each one of us to nourish the divine nature we have within, one of love, peace, forgiveness, creativity, spiritual intelligence, free from prejudice.

Our Creator does not expect us to undergo intensive training, to make superhuman efforts. We do not need to worry about who is in front of us, who might come in first, how fast we might go. There are no drugs involved, no getting an edge over someone else. He only asks that we move in the direction of Good, steadily advancing, persevering, inviting others to join us.

Further reading: the multi-multiplied prisoner of the world

No Sticker Yesterday

Here is what I painted for Couleurs de Bretagne yesterday:

The weather was frightful so we took refuge in the church.  I was happier with this one because I worked more wet in wet and on the whole paper at once.  It is more unified than what I did on the 14th.  The jury was not impressed apparently. 

When it came time to give it a title, I couldn’t remember what a baptismal font is called in French.  I asked some people who were passing through.  The man first said he didn’t know and then thought maybe it was a bénitier but I knew that wasn’t it.  Finally the two women in their group said the word font.  The same word!  That’s why I couldn’t think of another one.

Three Day Workshop and Contest

Busy, busy painting.

Here is my attempt at a landscape we had before our eyes (after a demo by the teacher):

After the teacher fixed it:

Then we did some boats:

Next we did a figure.  I’m not sure it is finished.  I was messing with it a bit today.

A portrait I forgot to photograph before it was fixed:

And then yesterday, at Couleurs de Bretagne, I was very happy to get a second runner up sticker. 

Shining Light

Let your Light so shine…*
The Light of divine Love
An ever renewable energy.

*Mathew 5:16