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Kini Miney Mot

Upon hearing that a mayor had forbidden the burkini on the beaches of a French Riviera town, I began imagining a new religion where the most pious would wear polka dots. Would they then feel obliged to forbid itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis?   Then the following image appeared on facebook with […]

Advancing in spiritual life

“Nothing is easy, all goes slowly, we carry time as a very heavy burden, but little by little we see clearly and advance… Living spiritual life—as opposed to religious life—is very difficult because spiritual life happens within whereas religion comes from outside oneself.  Spiritual life, although it has a unique goal throughout the world which is the Union of All that is the Creator and all creatures, takes place in a wide variation of form and thought, because there is a constant rapport between spiritual life which is unique with the variable environment of the moment.  Thus for example original Buddhism, of Buddha, one of the greatest prophets of the Highest, aligns with the principle of reincarnation which was current in the Vth century BC environment in India, whereas in the XXIst century CE, we align with the unicarnation (I invent the word here) of our time, and yet both are true, for we are what has followed from the spiritual life that preceded us and at the same time responsible for our instantaneous destiny.  We have neither the words nor the way of thinking to express this truth apparently contradictory, but that will come.  Just as you become conscious of something calling you…”

excerpt from 14aou16 176C111 Réponse

Translated by djd

Spiritual Laziness

“In as much as I speak to those around me, I find an important number of persons who consider the accumulation of laws and powers by bureaucrats in the police force, the tax offices, justice system, etc., to be excessive, even unacceptable, and yet they submit to them.  It is therefore that they prefer after all the unacceptable to the effort, certainly an enormous one, required to change their lives themselves.  The same is true of religion.  Most believers do not seek the real sense of the Creator’s Calls; they submit bone-idly to religious and superstitious dictates.  One finds the same lazy reflex, the search for ease or convenience, with the Hebrews in the desert when they complain, “If only we had died by the Lord’s hand in Egypt! There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you (Moses and Aaron) have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death.” (Exodus 16:3 NIV)”

excerpt from 14aou16 176C111 Réponse

Translated by djd

The Comfort of the System

“ …I do not believe that those who listen to us are as many as that who perceive our discourse as ‘abstract and impracticable’, but rather that they feel—because millenniums of power and laws above them have rendered them passive, therefore instinctively lazy—that following politics and the law is a lot less tiring than the penitence of which we speak.  In other words, people see comfort in politics and the law!…”

excerpt from 14aou16 176C111 Réponse

Translated by djd

A Few Blues

Here is a video I shot this afternoon in the garden, showing the blue flowers.  Then I noticed a butterfly which seemed to have freshly emerged.


Bagels the next day

I was trying out the recipe from Nancy Silverton’s Breads from the La Brea Bakery but did not follow it exactly.

It called for a white starter but I used my regular whole wheat one.  Then I apparently got flustered and reconstituted it with white flour.  This left me with not enough white to complete the bagels so I used some whole wheat to finish them.  The recipe called for powdered milk which I don’t have, so I put some milk in place of part of the starter.  I used our small handheld mixer with dough hooks but that is not the same as a professional one like they probably used at the bakery so I could not do the flour precisely as they said.  I added some to the work surface and for forming the breads in spite of them saying not to do that.  I added an egg glaze to hold the seeds.


today s bagels


In the book, the bagel connoisseur says “it’s in the chew” and I agree.  These bagels definitely win for the chew.  They may be the best I have ever made in spite of somewhat losing their holes.


buttered bagel

Bagel Build-up

I saw a fast food place that wasn’t open but had their menu posted outside.  It consisted mainly of bagel sandwiches, about 6 different ones.  All had cream cheese except one which had double cream cheese.  Bagels and cream cheese, yes, but cream cheese and pastrami?  That doesn’t seem right to me.  Maybe it isn’t kosher?

Bagels in France are not very easy to come by.  The ones I have had (other than my own) have been industrial facsimiles.

Le besoin de bagels is building.

J’ai le béguin pour les bagels.

I guess I will start baking soon. I have a two day recipe to try out.