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snail agenda


I had a hard time believing my eyes this morning (they weren’t very wide open) when I saw a snail on my gardening agenda.

At least it isn’t chewing on any plants meanwhile.


It looks like a wet summer.


Outrecuidance=impertinence, presumptuousness.


“It came in through the bathroom window…”  Wasn’t that a song?  Yes, it was, thank you google.  The Beatles.



Fifty an Hour in the Potager

In the country, we are allowed 90 an hour but I didn’t have the horsepower.

By a happy conjunction of circumstances, today was a “plant roots” day on the lunar calendar and market day in a nearby town.  A perfect line-up for putting in leeks.  I bought a bunch of young plants.  They come by the hundred.  We didn’t lollygaggle very long at the market and I got straight to work out in the garden.  About two hours later I had finished and got them watered in before it started to rain.  🙂


new leeks

Does this look like a highway to pot au feu?

Yesterday we visited some private gardens their owners opened to the public for the day.  We saw a lot of beauty, evidence of hard work, more than can be done by one person alone.  There were quite a few visitors appreciating it.  I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere with an undercurrent of joy.  It gave me an inkling of what the world could be like if we were to make the necessary changes within, becoming Good.


One Oriental Poppy Opens

As I headed out towards the clotheslines with the first load of laundry, I had the pleasure of seeing a poppy opening.

o poppy 1

A few minutes later:

o poppy 2

When the third load had been hung:

o poppy 3