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Byways seeking berries, high street seeking heroes

A few days ago, I saw a mure mûre, a ripe blackberry, seen, not heard, no this is not to do with children although perhaps it is about children of God.  Today I decided to go out and pick some (berries).  I was somewhat disappointed as I was hardly finding any.

Am I too early?  Too late?  Crop failure?  Have the bees all disappeared?  There has certainly been enough water, just as our Creator has irrigated us with the Water of His Word for centuries.  I have a hard time finding heroes also.

Sometimes the best ones are surrounded by nettles.  I find it easier to brave nettles and brambles than the prickly reactions in the street.

We can be blinded by our beliefs, our religion, so as to refuse even the possibility that our Creator would speak to a man, giving a Message which does not coincide in all respects with those beliefs, yet His Message is coherent with what He has always told us.  There have been so many lies and half-truths that our skepticism is understandable.

I was not interested in the field of corn which represents to me the mass, the media, fattening of pigs (1984), the excesses of modern day industry.  I am looking for the rare jewel, the ripe fruit in the hedgerow, the person who has the courage to change so as to recover their divine image and likeness, heroes of everyday life, penitents in the sense given by our Creator in The Revelation of Arès.

I found enough berries to be able to try a salad dressing recipe from The 80 10 10 Diet book.
1 ½ cups blackberries, puréed, mixed with 2 tablespoons tahine.


As for penitents, I cannot gather them by force, putting them into a basket or pail; they must come together of their own volition.

Scripture that was in my mind:

“ And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

Luke 14:23

“Here is where I am: My Word flows as a river through the steppes anew,
It cuts its course in the frozen lands where I have aroused rugged men,
men who could no longer know Me by the masks fashioned for (obscuring) Me,
men whom the mighty and merchants, princes and priests, have led to lose faith and righteousness.  I have aroused them. They do not utter My Name, though; they do not listen to My Word, though; many of them hate Me, but they are not to be blamed for this, because they have been led to lose their faith and righteousness.  Deceived men grow cautious; why would I send prophets to those who have been visited by the bogus prophets?  I have been making prophets of those very men.”

The Revelation of Arès 28/3-5

“The harvest on which I send you is a toil for the giants of olden times, but your arm is as frail as an auger with which one would pierce through a mountain; this is why (I will see to it that) you and your harvesters will be assisted every day, (and that) your blunted scythes will be sharpened; My Breath will bend the (wheat)ears before you; Heaven’s Fire will burn the thorns; a legion of well-fitted-out angels will strike your enemies, still you shall toil, your arms will be bruised with the blows dealt to you, (they will be) scratched by the thorns; but heavy sheaves rich in good grain will pile up behind you, under their weight the floors of My Barns will creak and groan.”

The Revelation of Arès 31/6-7

“The Sowing has been made (and) the (wheat)ears have whitened notwithstanding the weeds sown by doctors, the depredations of their princes, who have crisscrossed My Field with thorn hedges and barren rockslides.  The heaviest (wheat)ears will be hardest to bind into sheaves: those grown in Rome and Athens.  A rampart of thorn keeps your scythe off them; an incredible arrogance holds their stems up like spears.  Let your courage not give out in front of them, for they are My grand Crop.  To reach It you shall burn the thorn but save the (wheat)ears from burning and to bend the stems your hands will be injured grasping their stiff beards; (you shall) groan under the heavy sheaves.  Would any virtue of yours be great enough to (enable you to) provide a single bead of sweat for a labor so much inordinate for man?  My Arm will be your arm, My Word your word.”

The Revelation of Arès 14

“Among His signs are the breezes he sends as harbingers of happy news, so that He may allow you to taste of His mercy, and that ships may sail by His command, and you may seek of His bounty, and may haply be grateful.
Another of His signs is the night, a time for you to sleep, and the day to seek His bounty.”

The Qur’an 39/46, 23

“How many living things there are on the earth that do not store their food; God provides them as well as You.”

The Qur’an 29/60


Firing the Oven as Shawwal Nears

Tomorrow will be the last day of fasting for this year’s Ramadan so I wanted to make some pastries for Sunday which will be the celebration after the effort, although I must say, there has been an aspect of that each evening this month even when eating fairly plain salads.  I decided to bake today since I will be out painting tomorrow and Sunday.  I got right to it after breakfast so as not to be too hungry while doing it.  It’s hard to bake while fasting as I automatically tend to lick my fingers, bowls and any other tidbits prone to escape.  I set the trays aside and saved the crumbs until this evening.  I mixed odds and ends together instead of eating them and made some kind of cookie.

Meanwhile my husband has been gently breaking in our new bread oven, building small fires over several days’ time.  Today he brought it up to a temperature suitable for baking and I thought what a shame to waste that warmth.  I had some left-over filling from this morning so I made half a recipe of pie crust and baked small pies, then of course, the “little something” with what was left.  During the day I was asking myself, would it be good to eat a few pastries tonight even though they are meant for the eïd which is Sunday or not?  I hadn’t really made up my mind but I had no compunction about enjoying these “extra” ones made out of leftovers.

No sign that anything is baking

It has double doors.

It worked!

This oven has been a dream for many years.  This is one of my cookbooks, filled with bakers from all over who bake in all kinds of situations, even a stewardess on an airplane. 

In the back of my mind (for about 30 years) has been this image:

Although it is a black and white photo, I somehow know that the sky is very blue.

There is a passage in The Revelation of Arès where our Creator uses an oven as an image.

“The Fire rises inside the (red-hot) iron, pierces the sole; (it) lifts (from) the Core (all the way) to the head of the brother.   The Marrow runs along (the) iron (to) the brother’s cool head.  The cool head speaks (clearly), (but) the hot head is (like) nine heads.”

The Revelation of Arès xLiii/14-15

Perhaps with the physical example of this oven, I will incorporate these Words better into my life.  I see there is heat in the center, at the heart, a force linked to our Creator, but it is not something that makes one run off hot-headed, just as the heat of the oven is barely perceptible outside of it, yet the food is gently metamorphosed.  So I work towards transforming myself, building a soul.

Full Steam Ahead

Fearing a flea infestation, we purchased a steam cleaning machine in order to efficiently eradicate the problem.  After tackling that task, I had a go at some others such as tile grouting, sink and bathtub.  Not all was as miraculously clean like in the demo film that accompanied the machine but there is definite improvement.  Perhaps one should not expect to eliminate in one fell swoop stuff that has built up over a period of time of 20 years.  (20 years?  It seems like only a short while ago we were visiting the stores, choosing the materials.)

Fasting from 7 to 7, I start to run out of steam around 5 but with careful gauging, I persevere towards the goal I have set for myself.  At this 2/3 point of Ramadan, I often wonder why did I get myself into this.  And yet, a few months before it starts, I am looking forward to it and when it is over, there is a feeling of accomplishment.

A person was discussing with me some ideas from a book she has been reading, notably the idea that in reality change is immediate and not gradual.  I can see an element of that, a realization which starts the process, a decision like at a fork in the road, but I believe I will be walking the ascending goat paths for the rest of my life, powered by the energy created with the fire of the stick of Light that spoke in Arès and the Water of the Word.

“the Host and Shepherd is above me; He leads the sinners who begin their journey on the goat paths, He feeds them on the rocky ground, He washes their chafed feet.
He never forsakes a sinner in his penitence; all the sinners he fortifies during their ascent,
those who pray to Him in silence,
those who pray to Him shaking bells and candles,
those who pray to Him seven times a day,
those who do not pray to Him but who know Him,
those who count the sun(rise)s until His Day (comes)
and those who count the moons,
those who burn incense to Him and shout toward Him,
those whom the incense and shouts annoy,
those who see Him white and those who see Him black,
and the deniers of all of those,
the countless multitude whose names a flood of ink would not suffice to list, whose names the Father knows”
The Revelation of Arès 25/5-6