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Trials and Tribulations of the Amateur Photographer

Thursday in between two moments of peace there was a moment of frustration as I could not get the camera to capture what I saw.  I wanted a close-up of the buds against a darker background.  If I zoomed, I got the background.

If I did macro, I got the buds.

This week’s theme for Picture Perfect inspired me to try again.  Thank you very much PP people.

I went back to the river.  I could not find the hazelnut buds.  There was a good reason for that.  I had photographed alder buds.  I messed with the settings on the camera, trying to get macro and a small f-stop number.  I could not seem to modify the f-stop number lower than 4 although I set the dial to the aperture priority function.  For some reason at one moment it changed down to 3.5 so I took the photo and it is pretty well what I wanted.  Of course, three days later, the same water droplets were no longer there.  I wasn’t completely at ease as I could hear shots and dogs in a not that far distance.  So I came back up the hill to home.  The result is just about what I wanted.


This camera (Canon SX120 IS) has a plethora of possibilities.  What I don’t like is that the printed manual just tells you basically how to point and shoot.  For anything more advanced, the 143 page pdf file is on a CD which can be uploaded to the computer.  Not very convenient when you are 500 meters down the hill and need to verify something.  Upon return I found out that some f-stops may not be available according to the zoom factor.  I must have slightly un-zoomed to get the 3.5.

The most important point that I learned in this experience in my opinion is to get off the automatic setting.  This is true in many areas.  Saying please and thank you automatically is a good thing, I think, but any further and we may be entering the zone of prejudice.

Picture Perfect : Favorite Past PP Post

Now I see how faulty my system of saving Picture Perfect entries and using tags is.  I don’t know if this is my absolute favorite but this one stands out to me because the image is one that moves me and the text inspires me still.  (Is that lack of humility?)  It was originally published as Picture Perfect – Precious.

The most precious thing we have is our soul.  We are not born with it; it is something we create by the way we are, the way we live—doing and being good.  There are truths on the universal level that are beyond the grasp of our finite minds so God uses parables and images.  To illustrate the soul, He gives the example of a well-constructed boat with a strong sail.  He refers to the soul as being our true body and the means of close contact, communication, with Him.  (See “The Revelation of Arès” chapters 4, 17, 18,…)  May we be a multitude that joins the heavenly fleet suggested by this photo taken at Arès.

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Picture Perfect: Celebrate

Something that always makes me feel like celebrating is seeing a seed that I have sown germinate.  It is only the beginning, it still must grow, be nurtured, protected, but it is full of promise, the possibility of beautiful fruit.

Within each of us is a seed of the divine.  It is up to us to cultivate it.  Do you not think that living in the garden of Eden will be a state of perpetual celebration, joy?

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Picture Perfect: Intricate

This crocheted curtain may look intricate, but it is composed of simple basic units—just loops of thread put together in varying ways, slip, chain, single, double, treble, and so on.  You could do a quadrillion stitch if your hook was long enough.  I adapted a tablecloth pattern for this project.

The state of the world is very intricate and yet if we apply the basics, we can create a better one, a little bit at a time, just like crocheting a curtain, stitch after stitch.  Our basic units are our divine gifts—love, speech, freedom, creativity and individuality.  If we follow the pattern, be good (now there’s a simple design), we can construct  a garden of Eden.

I am embarrassed to say, but there are a few mistakes in this curtain, not to mention weeds in the garden.  That reminds me I still have work to do on myself.

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Picture Perfect: Communication

Here you can see a blue line which communicates to passing cattle stay where you are, continue your way, do not trample djd’s garden.

There is another line of communication, a yellow nerve, which I cannot photograph, but what it communicates is much more important.  It says djd, put the hoe to work in your head and create a garden which does not fade.

It is the line of communication between the Creator and His messenger.

“ My Arm runs, It does not touch any boundary whatsoever.
 Answer ! Why can My Eye see your eye ?
 Your nerve is the yellow thread of My Nerve.”

The Revelation of Arès XXXIX/1-3


It seems to me to be like a science fiction movie where civilization has fallen to ruin but one person comes along who knows how these old machines work and fixes them up, gets things running again.  It’s like the whole human race has fallen into decay but if we listen to God’s messenger, we can reactivate the circuits within.

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Picture Perfect: Rhyme Time

Flower Bower

This bower is
A leafy shelter.
Its flowers bloom
Branches of solanum
Provide a resting place
Where sparrows come,
Enlivening our space.

I adjusted this photo slightly as the camera did not want to see what I was seeing. 

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Picture Perfect: Old Fashioned

Inexplicably, the first thing I thought of was ice cream.

The second thing is the tool you see here.  This is for making pasta.  It dates from the 1950’s.  My husband and I got it from his parents.  It is easy to make pasta, all you need is one egg per person and as much flour as it will take.  We generally use this machine with guests so they can help turn the handle, push the dough, and cut the pasta to the desired length.  The disk you see standing is the one for macaroni.  Don’t ask me how it does it, but in spite of what seems like should be flat pieces, they come out tubular. This represents the positive elements of old-fashioned—simple pleasures, high quality.

The third thing that occurred to me is resistance to change.  This is the negative side of old-fashioned.  Often when the prophets bring a message, the people say we are just doing as our forefathers did.  I remember singing “Give me that old-time religion.”  I don’t want to sing that anymore.  God wants us to change, even though the direction He is showing is the same old-fashioned one—Love one another.  For an article on this subject from today’s prophet, go to the most recent entry in his blog

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