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Inktober 24-31, 2016

And so Inktober comes to an end for this year.  With 29 drawings, I attain a participation rate of 93.5%. Little by little, I think my crosshatching is improving.               I hope you have enjoyed seeing these drawings.  Maybe you will give it a go next year. *

Inktober 18-22, 2016


Inktober 13-17, 2016


Inktober 9-12, 2016


Inktober 3-7, 2016


Inktober 2016 has begun

Yesterday I finished a small mandala.  A ruler, a compass, a pencil and an eraser were used in addition to the Staedtler pigment liner  .3 inkpen and some watercolour.

Mandala xxxi A5

Mandala xxxi


Today I did a 15 minute sketch of something that caught my eye:

Sluggishly A5