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Swapped Squash Sleuthing

I was given a squash plant at a plant swap, purportedly a butternut, but as its fruit began to form, it clearly was not a butternut.  It somewhat resembled a watermelon.  I hope it is not a gourd.  Some people do grow gourds but I would rather have something edible.  Ah!  Perplexity.  What is it?  […]

Barrow of Winter Squash

Barrow of Winter Squash 31x50cm

Barrow of Winter Squash

Pumpkin (Squash) Kibbeh

A friend of mine was talking about pumpkin kibbeh.  That sounded good to me so I googled a recipe and decided to try it.  Tonight my husband caught on to why we had plain squash last night.  We have some lovely ones from the garden, the Hokkaido type.  I stuck the whole thing in the […]

Cucurbi’ The Conqueror

cc 1

Over fencing

Over fennel

cc 2