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Picture Perfect: Texture


This is an ongoing project mostly from left-over yarn.  The entrelac stitch gives it texture.  I bought the bumpy purple thread to give more texture.

My mind gets caught up in complicated weavings, ties itself in knots, whereas God’s Word flows smoothly, uninterrupted, distorted only by man.  This does not mean It has no texture—Its texture comes from true substance and also the harmonious accents of His Messengers.  Pronounce It and become one with It to appreciate Its texture.

“The Book opens opposite the brothers.  Inside your ribs Muhammad and Yuhshoo breathe, four arms spread like My Voice is spread, the Wool that I spin without knots.”

(Yuhshoo is how God pronounced Jesus when He spoke at Arès.)

The Revelation of Arès XLII/12-13


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February 2, 2009

I can’t say I actually saw my shadow, but I did see some shadows when the sun came out briefly.  Following is what I’ve written previously about this day:


Since I’ve been living in France I have realized there is a lot more to that day than a rodent in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.  There are many religious and secular traditions associated with February 2nd.  People flip crepes with a gold piece in their other hand.  Success ensures success!  It is also the day Jesus was presented at the temple (Simon and Anna).  And just this year I read that it is the midpoint between Dec. 21 and March 21.  There is a French saying, A La Chandeleur, l’hiver meure ou prend vigeur.  At Candlemas, winter dies or gathers its forces.

A new element:
cross-quarter day, a day halfway between an equinox (equal day / equal night) and a solstice (minimum day / maximum night in the northern hemisphere). … Another cross-quarter day is Groundhog’s Day.

Now that I realize Jesus was not born on December 25th, it seems logical to assume he was not presented at the temple on February 2nd.  So I guess this day is simply a turning point in the season.  It is the Creator that established the seasons, I believe, unless it was our downfall that tilted the earth’s axis.  This occurred to me as I was thinking what a change it would make if we all stopped lying—it might straighten the earth, it would be such a shock to the universe!