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Overnight Sensation

One day there was nothing and the next, a miracle had occurred.

I saw two swallows.  The saying goes “une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps” (one swallow doesn’t make spring) but how about two?  And they have already decorated my car…

Picture Perfect : What Am I? Answer

The two W’s are Word and Water.  The plant is called honesty and brings to mind one of the ways we can use and abuse the divine gift of speech.


The hints spelled out:

For as the rain or snow drops from heaven and returns not there, but soaks the earth and makes it bring forth vegetation, yielding seed for sowing and bread for eating, so is the word that issues from My mouth: it does not come back to Me unfulfilled, but performs what I purpose, achieves what I sent it to do.  Isaiah 55:10-11


And We send pure water down from the sky to quicken a region that was dead, and to give it as drink to animals We have created and to men in plenty.  And We distribute it among them in various ways that they may ponder and reflect; yet most men disdain every thing but denial and thanklessness.  Al Qur’an 25:48b-50


The Water That the soul like a sail glides along on does not come from the sky above you.  It comes from Heaven that is My Dwelling.  The Sea That is found on the Heights where you are to lead My People, those who will choose to follow you along the goat paths, has a nature unknown to man.  The Water That I spread in front of those who ask Me for It to launch their ships onto It, is not the water which men drink in inns, not the water with which trees are watered, which I do not bless because the murderer washes his dagger in it, the prostitute washes in it.  You shall see to it that no one will ever gesture My Cross over that water to use it as an object of superstition.  As a reminder of My Word delivered today he or she who will ask for Baptism shall stand in front of a vase filled with water and say, “No, not John’s water, but Your Water!”  Then the baptized one shall wash his head and hands in the water in the vase, drink some, spill the rest of it on the ground in order to attest that such water is a Gift for thirst, for taking baths, for watering fields, because of the sins of Adam and the sins of Adam’s descendants.  The Revelation of Arès 20/4-8

Picture Perfect : What Am I?

Here are this week’s instructions:

* Post a picture of something which leaves us all guessing

* Write a poem or a short HINT of what it is, to make the guessing game a little easier.

* If you like, post the bigger picture on Sunday evening and put us all out of our misery!!

Two W’s He gives,

We use and abuse.


For broader hints see Isaiah 55:10-11, Al Qur’an 25:48b-50, The Revelation of Arès 20/4-8.


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When I say soup–

When I say soup, do you think of

cutting board,knife and vegetables?


opening a can?


foggy weather?


something else–please explain.


–do you think…


…or maybe…


Sometimes a very small incident can cause you to become aware of how much you are closed up in your own reality, your own habits.  When one of my friends said she had some soup for breakfast, it never occurred to me that she may have opened a can until I read others’ comments. 

Now I plan to drive off into the foggy soup.

Picture Perfect : March Madness

One package of seeds with 12 different varieties of tomatoes sounded like a bargain to me so I bought it.  Then I realized there are 60 seeds all mixed up together.  I only need 2 of each sort maximum.  I would like to be sure to sow each sort but don’t need 5 of them.  If I only sow some of the seeds, I can’t be sure of choosing the 12 varieties.  Aïe, aÏe, aïe, what to do?  My friend reassured me she will be glad to have tomato plants so I will sow them all.  Last year I noticed that the flowers were different on different varieties so I wondered if I could observe any differences in the seeds.  Aha! Yes, some are pointier, some are darker, some are rounder, some just somehow look as if they belong together.  This is one example of my March madness.  (The house and garden are full of others, not necessarily restricted to March.)

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Leeky Crêpes

It’s time to work the soil in the garden so I dug up what was left of the leeks.  They are not prize-winning, are rather puny, but they are handy to have around for soups and other things all during the winter.  They are ready to bolt now.  These were left after I cooked some to put in crêpes for lunch.  I chopped them and then melted them in a bit of olive oil and as they were getting slightly dry, I skimmed a bit of cream from the milk  and spooned that over them.  They made a nice filling along with grated cheese and/or an egg.  I never had a leek before I came to France.

These are Breton crêpes made on a bilig with specific tools.  The one that looks like a rake is for spreading the batter and the one that looks like a spatula is for turning them.  Sometimes I make both savoury and sweet but today I only made the savoury ones.  My recipe is adapted from the one on the buckwheat flour package: 250 grams buckwheat flour, 60 grams white wheat flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 egg.  I put 1 cup of milk in a glass measuring pitcher and then add water until it comes up to the 800 milliliter line.  Mix well with a whisk.  You have to wreck a few to get the hang of spreading them on the bilig but all are edible. 

Here is a before picture of the vegetable garden.  Here in Brittany we must take advantage of nice weather because we never know how long it will last or when it will return once it leaves.  Maybe tomorrow evening  the roto-tiller will get its seasonal work-out.

It occurred to me that with one person’s death, three holidays can disappear from one’s calendar—their birthday, anniversary and Mothers’ Day.  I am glad we still have my mother-in-law.  I will make her a card as usual but I will only need to print one copy this year.

Picture Perfect : Extreme

Sometimes it can be useful to envision the extremes in order to determine the middle way which I seek.

Along the middle way, there are fruit groves.  This is one of our pear trees whose buds are ready to open.  It is part of our fruit grove.

“You shall lead My People by the middle of the Heights that I have intended for them, by their still passable paths, but not by toilsome rock climbing routes and not by the roads below lined with inns.

Take the middle paths; they slope upwards, but the slope is endurable, it goes by springs and through fruit groves

The Revelation of Arès 7/1-2a


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