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Husband and I agreed, the sky this morning was an unfamiliar colour – blue!


I went and picked some blueberries in the garden. We have to put nets over them or we won’t have any. The first time we had a red currant bush laden with fruit, almost ripe, we said tomorrow we’ll pick them. That tomorrow, the whole bush had been stripped. Not one currant was left. We never get any cherries, the birds eat them all. I wouldn’t mind sharing a few here and there, but all of them?

I was picking with one hand, sometimes two and remembered this verse
from The Revelation of Arès XXVIII/18:

” The ape–(with its) two hands (it) eat(s).

Man (has) a hand (which) eats (and) a hand (which) gives.

(Both) My Hands give.”

With fellow humans, I would like to work on being more generous, to open my ears to the Blue Water.

This is The Creator speaking:

1. I have. I am.

2. The suns revolve in My Hand. (But) My Hand has a thousand Hands; (however far away) your eye stretches, (it) stumbles.

3. The Good one descends, he is low; he goes (to) the right, he is (on) the right, (when) I tell (him to).

4. I descend, I am (on) high; I go (to) the right, I am (in) the middle. (I am the) Spread (one).

5. The Good one (is) My Wind, Mikal (is) My Wind.

The brother opens his ear (to let the Wind in) ; its hairs are (like) the earth, (it is) filled (with) the Blue Water, the seed (that the Wind brings). from The Revelation of Arès II

July 30, 2007

I will be away for about a week. Here is where I’ll be:

This is my entry about it last year:

and also:

July 26, 2007 – tea time

A woman telephoned a few minutes ago. She wanted to ask me some questions.

I said well that depends.

She said is there anyone between the ages of 15 and 34 in your household.

I said no.

She said may I ask your year of birth.

I said I don’t give out that information over the phone.

She said just the last two digits.


I laughed and said my tea is getting cold (letting my anglophone accent hang out), then I went and drank it, accompanied by a bit of matzos, well-buttered and jammed.

It all tastes better after a good laugh!

July 25, 2007

We have finally had more than 24 hours without rain!

I got a fair amount of weeds pulled. The farmer who has the field behind us was able to harvest yesterday – an amazing process these days. It was done in a few hours, the grain gathered, the straw cut and baled.

July 25, 2007 – tea time

A while back I promised part two of the roadside bed. (May 25th, to be exact.) It finally is starting to look like something. It was starting to rain but I persevered in prying out the crabgrass from the round part. There is still work to be done but this will be a more satisfying view from the window already.

Looking for Truth?

The only thing keeping us from Truth is


from Michel Potay, my translation
new blog entry:

July 18, 2007

Upon hearing thunder, djd folded her scissor hands and went inside before being cut off in the prime of her life by electrocuting lightening.

These electric hedge trimmers get the job done quickly, but require a lot of being careful.