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Waiting for the Next Giggle

Not very wide awake, through the window, out of the corner of my eye, I saw white stuff on the ground.  !!! ???  Petra zo? !!! *   It was rose petals.  

Next, in the greenhouse, there was a lady -in-waiting, wearing her finest hat.

Two good giggles already and it’s barely half past eight.  A funny Friday?

Sprouted Quinoa

Another adventure in raw food–sprouted quinoa.  This could almost be called fast food.  These seeds were soaked for half an hour, then drained.  They sprouted over night.  I spilled a few out so you could see the little shoots.

I prepared them in a salad.  I was happy with the carrot, spinach, basil, parsley part, but the shallot was too strong, even though I had let it set in vinegar for a while before adding the other ingredients.

The Garden Visit Completed

Sunday morning does seem to be the best time for me to upload to youtube.    The last two videos are now available.  One thing about doing these, saying “I need to work here, I need to work there”, it did inspire me to get busy.

So here ends our visit, ladies and gentlemen.  You are welcome to step inside for a cup of tea.

Second Garden Video

Here is the second part of the walk around our garden which took place on May 6th.  I have a very narrow time window for uploading these videos.  It needs to done early in the morning before the Americans are awake and I have to keep doing something on the computer so it doesn’t shut itself off.  Meanwhile the garden has continued growing, other things are flowering and we managed to get a few cherries before the birds realized they were ready.  We planted this cherry tree 25 years ago.

Macabre Morning in the Greenhouse

I found one slug between the seed flat and the water tray.  It was promptly evicted from the premises.  I was tempted to give it to the chickens, but could feel vengeance in my heart so I didn’t.  Now I don’t have any of those plants to give away. 

Visiting the Garden

I made some videos, walking around our garden, chatting like I would to a friend.  They take a long time to upload.  Probably I should change some settings on the camera.

Here is part one:

Picture Perfect – Tools of the Trade

It was high time these tools were put to work in this dahlia bed.

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